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Are there people around you that seem to push your buttons?
Would you like to feel more empowered in these situations?

When we find ourselves feeling triggered by people or circumstances we just feel like giving up and walking away. We feel a mixture of emotions and find it difficult to work out which emotions belong to us and which emotions belong to everyone else. Communication is often ineffective and no matter how many approaches we try no-one seems to listen to our needs. We want a particular outcome but everyone seems to be working to the beat of their own drum.

When we start to clear the space or energy between the people involved we find everyone starts to feel settled. It's easier to achieve what we all want and we start to see positive results of all the effort. Communication becomes easier and effective; frustrations are removed as everyone seems to be working from the same page.

When we care about something or someone passionately we become very connected and involved. When this happens it is hard to see clearly what is actually needed. Our intentions are usually coming from a healthy place but we seem to create more problems and issues instead of solving the issue.

To achieve effective communication we need to be able to step outside the situation. We need to be able to see it with fresh eyes and let go of the emotions and programs that are no longer required. We can't change other people or the framework of a circumstance. What we can change are the choices that we make. We can change the way we feel about the situation. When we remove unnecessary emotions and programs from a circumstance everything can be dealt with effectively and easily.

Give that frustrating situation a new perspective by balancing the Energies as One. Contact us at or call Chris on 0423 607 047.

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Families/Groups Testimonials

… We did a family as one balance and all I can say is WOW ... Rachel. CLICK HERE to read more

… I asked Chris to do a balance on my 2 year old son, as I was struggling with him on a daily basis. After one balance … he started sleeping better. I could go out for little trips alone … Nicole. CLICK HERE to read more

… I know changes can be subtle but are always profound. Experiencing a release such as I did and the resulting lack of irritation I feel confident that the issue is resolved ... Gay. CLICK HERE to read more

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I received a call from Corinna because her and her husband were finding challenges in selling her house.  When I listened to what else was happening in her life it became obvious that the priority was the energy between Corinna and her husband.

Corinna Wrote

Doing the Happy Dance - YAY!!!

This all started a week after our session!!  Can’t thank you highly enough, this has totally turned us around and while we still have little spats, there’s no lasting, held onto, deep seated problems  Lots of cheers to you ~Corinna~


Rachel wanted something very simple for her family – she simply wanted a bit of peace and quiet and for everyone to talk nicely to each other. So together we decided to do a balance called an Energies as One and we included all 7 members of her immediate family. Here was her experience.

Rachel Wrote

A BIG thank you to Chris form Balance Central for restoring my family back to what I want it to be! We did a family as one balance and all I can say is WOW. That same evening all 7 of us sat in the same room ate and talked to each other like we liked being in each other's presence.

It continues to feel like my teenagers actually like being in my company again! Yes they still disappear into their rooms but often just come and sit with me for no apparent reason. I've never felt so light and happy so quickly after a balance!

Definitely be doing this type of balance again, thank you Chris xx


A Mum who was struggling with her 2 year old. Feeling that she didn't have a connection with him. Everything she asked of him – from sleeping to playing – he seemed to always do the opposite. She was looking for a way to have co-operation and some sleep.

Nicole Wrote

I originally had a personal balance done on myself and didn't get immediate results. I'm a slow and stubborn processor! But it was some huge stuff we worked on too. A while later I asked Chris to do a balance on my 2 year old son, as I was struggling with him on a daily basis. I was at breaking point! Tears and tantrums everyday and that was just me!

He never slept, he was unhappy and anxious ALL the time. Nothing I did seemed right or helped. I couldn't even leave him alone with anyone for a break as he got so upset. And daycare drop off….. What a nightmare!

So Chris actually suggested an Energies as One Balance to clear the "stuff" between us.

After one balance (and about 10days, we are both slow/stubborn processers) he started sleeping better. I could go out for little trips alone and he started playing with toys happily on his own without me having to be in the room all the time. He was still anxious sometimes but that had lessened.

After a second balance on him (and about 7 days processing time) he started to play happily (most of the time) alone and with other children, he even plays happily with Mummy and Daddy. He even said to me "Mummy Jensen So Happy"! It made my heart melt. I am able to go out whenever I want to and daycare drop off is a breeze. A kiss and cuddle for Mummy and off I go!

He still has his 2 year old moments but I am able to cope with those better as I also now know it's nothing I am doing or have done it's just his toddler behaviour. I especially love it now when he comes up to me and says….. "Love you Mummy"

Gay - Create

Gay had identified a specific pattern of behavior and negative reactions that she recognized in herself and felt it was getting in the way of her doing what she wanted to do. Gay also identified 3 other people who triggered this behavior and reaction. We completed an "Energies as One" balance to release the unhealthy connections between all 4 parties so that the triggers would no longer be in place.

Gay Wrote

Chris completed an Energies as One Balance a couple of weeks ago where we worked on an ongoing irritation I experience, randomly initiated by 3 individuals: 2 from my family unit and one in my professional network.

The balance was interesting as some of the physical and emotional characteristics that arose for healing were also echoed by us all. It was a lovely relaxing experience and I left feeling quite calm and clear with the irritation feeling very distant.

That night I had a very strong dream that could have replayed the past life initiation of the difficulties and had a strong but very manageable emotional release. Since then I have not experienced any of the initial irritation despite challenges.

Working with energy, as I do, I know changes can be subtle but are always profound. Experiencing a release such as I did and the resulting lack of irritation I feel confident that the issue is resolved. Not only have I had a shift in consciousness but the other 3 involved will also benefit vicariously. The process was respectful and did not cross any boundaries or compromise their individuated personalities in any way. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to another RAW session soon.

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