Speaking Presentations



The Facial Hub – The Next Step Team Mentoring – 2 days

"Chris gives out a lot of information and I have learnt a lot." KIM NGUYEN

“How eye opening it was in regards to changing my language with clients, and how Chris was very spot on about certain traits of mine. It has confirmed some of my qualities and tendencies, and given me some insight moving forward." RACHELLE

"The information/presentation was new and intriguing." ALLIE

"It will help me personally and professionally." ZARA MATTHEWS


Lulua Group of Companies, Kuwait

The Next Step Workshop – 5 day Workshop and One-to-One Consultations

"The workshop content helped me to understand other mindsets like improvement and helped me to find out which energy I am in. This workshop changed some of my ideas on misconceptions. I loved the way Chris presented the discussions and she was precise in everything she delivered. I now know more about the inner me, and understand others a little better." NOORJAHAN LAL

"I learnt many new observations about myself and my other colleagues. I will use my new found knowledge by implementing it in my work, life, family and MYSELF." HUZAIFA KAKUMAMA

"Great value to understand what type of persona I am in order to work more on myself. What I liked most was the interaction with people who I didn’t interact with before." JAD SHARARA

"Chris's delivery is fantastic, charming and super engaging." AHMED YOUNIS

"It opened up some new sectors in my brain. I intend to use my new found knowledge by implementing it in my day life not only at work, this would help me be more confident at work too." MALAK ELSHALI

"I learnt a lot about myself and other people around me which I wouldn’t have known. It got me out of my comfort zone." AISHA NADIM

"She made me comfortable to a level I accepted everything from her. What I liked most was the awareness about energies and how they work with each other. I got to understand my team and the people more." VANIK KODJIAN



Circle of Men – Enhancing Your Strengths Workshop



PMI Qld Chapter Event & AGMLAST Conference Brisbane

The Must-Have Soft & Hard Skills for Project Managers of the Future Workshop – Exceed Your Targets and Panel Discussion

As I mentioned I really enjoyed your presentation and your stuck on the mountain story from personal previous experience. And I was particularly impressed with the life lessons you gained from that and how you reminded us of them mid-presentation. Andrew Broughton

At last night’s PMIQ chapter event, Chris Wildeboer, founder of Balance Central, presented an engaging and dynamic workshop on skills required for Project Managers of the future. A journey to understand, “Who we really are?” and thereby help us to enhance our interpersonal interactions. A key takeaway message was that, “When you hit a brickwall, be it in your professional or personal lives; do not fool yourself into thinking that you can overcome that brickwall on-your-own/unassisted”. Instead, Chris encouraged everyone to reach out, help and support each other during difficult times, as it will increase our chances of overcoming that adversity/brickwall. Monica D'Souza

A perfect event for networking and opening up new doors. You will be amazing Project Managers and Leaders.... Also it was wonderful to see Chris Wildeboer educating us with perspective profiling and getting over the brick wall! An amazing event, looking forward to the next one. Tui Gabriel

Engaging, amazing, interesting and sublime experience with Chris. Personally, I really enjoy her speech and chatting with her about her job and all the challenges that leaders will face in the close future. Thank you, Chris. Jose Asunción Silva Vasquez, PMP

It was a well executed speech with lots of valuable info. Well done!! Antonio Leanage

With the main topic about The Must Have Soft & Hard Skills for Project Managers of the Future. It was a great time where the speaker Chris Wildeboer presented beautifully how we should have to identify and understand the personalities and different people that surround us to establish an effective communication, and as well, the importance to be prepared to deal with the consequences of our choices. Bruno Danello


LAST Conference Brisbane

Energize and Enhance Your Impact

I recently attended one of Chris' workshops - delivered at the LAST Conference in Brisbane, 2018. Her content was extremely fundamental, delightfully human and delivered in a way that was relatable and digestible. Chris is a keen observer of human nature and has a powerful message about unlocking the potential that we have to improve the way that we communicate and collaborate with others. With a focus on identifying our own brick walls and taking the time to examine what we bring to situations that involve conflict or road blocks, Chris took us on a journey of reflection, whilst arming us with simple tools to aide in our human-to-human interactions. Melissa Khim

I attended Chris' presentation at the LAST conference in Brisbane on the 27th Sept 2018.
Chris' presentation style and ability to engage her audience resulted in an energising session for all who attended. Learning to identify your wall and how to overcome it is a great tool for any professional to have in their toolkit (and be reminded about). Nice work Chris! Renae Craven

Feel like I just slayed a dragon, my first IIBA Presentation done!! Chris Wildeboer your workshop activity last week definitely helped. Identified my wall, got feedback on how to go around it and ran my workshop tonight with the tips I got from my partner. Thanks to everyone who came out to the IIBA Brisbane event tonight. Hope you all had as much fun as I did developing your prototypes and working with your customers. I slept fine last night, I'm not sure how I'm going to sleep tonight. On such a high right now from an amazing experience and incredible night. Mike Starrs


Her Story Radio

Episode 87 – Chris Wildeboer – Surviving on the basics of life

Listen to the Podcast Here

June & August

Bongaree Dental

Team Dynamics – 2 Day Workshop

Over past years we have been a strong and productive health care team. When we suddenly lost three employees due to relocation in a short period of time, we found the team environment changed and required some redesign and refocus to enable us to continue providing our high standard of patient care.

We engaged Chris to facilitate a 2-part workshop to enhance the Bongaree Team Dynamics. These 2 workshops were completed 8 weeks apart and throughout this time Chris was very good and continually ensured the content was tailored specifically to our team.

How has the situation changed since working with Chris an what were the greatest results?

  1. A variety of outcomes were achieved over these workshops
  2. It gave us time and an environment away from the workplace to bond and review and share expectations.
  3. We got to know our newest team members better, and they got to know us. It was a valuable platform for new team members to learn more about the Bongaree Dental Philosophy.
  4. It encouraged all members to recognise their strengths and importantly, their challenges so that they could grow and refine their existing skills.
  5. To build a stronger workplace moving forward.


WNA Hypothetical

Introvert or Extrovert who Networks Better?

Panel with Chris Wildeboer and Nicole van Hattem, Holistic Success Coach

This Hypothetical with an Introvert and Extrovert – you be the judge.  Expertly moderated by Terri Cooper, Small Business Liaison Manager, City of Brisbane.

Excerpt of Panel with Chris & Nicole


Key Business Network – CBD

Exceed Your Targets Presentation


Winning Women in Agile

Workshop - Unpacking Your Talents

  • looking at the differences we all have
  • learning ways to spot the different strengths that other people bring to the table
  • look at work scenarios and find solutions that can be implemented directly into a team environment

“It was with great anticipation that we had Chris Wildeboer present at our May Winning Women in Agile event. As much as this group is specifically tailored for our members to learn and grow in relation to Agile – Chris offered to share her ideas about Inclusion in the Workplace with her presentation Unpacking Your Talents. Chris got us out of our comfort zones through group and individual activities to help us to understand how we can work better with others if we understand and accept their perspectives based on what drives them. Chris also gave us great tips for our communication 'kitbags' about the type of questions we could ask each of the 4 main personality profiles across the introvert/extrovert scale so we could understand them and ourselves better through different lens. An absolute treat. Thank you Chris.”
Susan Akers, co-founder of Winning Women In Agile

“...an insightful & empowering session. Chris Wildeboer took our group on a journey to connect with our innate desires...who we are at our very core....our core personalities. To then identifying & therefore tailoring our engagement process with others…”
Monica D'Souza, Project Manager

“Thanks Chris Wildeboer, it was an absolute pleasure having you present last night, thoroughly enjoyed & very insightful!... :)”
Sylvia Lindenstraus


Women's Network Australia North Lakes

Keynote - 3 Steps To Create Momentum In Your Business

  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify strengths of others around you
  • Help you get out of your own way
  • Recognise what is stopping you from moving forward

“Fantastic so great to work with you Chris.”
Janelle, General Manager, Women's Network Australia

“Great way to kick start a powerful business women day! Fabulous to hear you speak Chris Wildeboer. Lots of value and great takeaways.”
Nicole van Hattem, Hot & Healthy

“Thanks for sharing your wisdom at Women's Network Australia North Lakes today Chris Wildeboer. Quite illuminating, and perfect timing.”
Sue Lester, Growing Content


Do Dance Academy

Reenergize Reengage Workshop

It is without a surprise to me that I am writing this testimonial with how amazing Chris is! I have done a lot of work over the years with Chris in lots of different aspects with her work at Balance Central, so I knew we would be treated to an organised, well presented, professional workshop. But when I first approached Chris to help my team to focus on our business goals for 2018, I had no idea the true impact it would have on myself as a business owner but also my team.

Our team comes with many different aspects, personalities, ages and backgrounds but yet by working with Chris we have worked out we are the perfect team together. We all felt so willing to share this experience with each other in a safe and caring environment so that the impact of our staff training has not only focused us for 2018 but also personally grown each one of us in our team. To have my staff messaging me after the meeting asking when we can do something like this again and how focused and excited they are for the new year is priceless for me!

My advice for anyone sitting on the fence about having Chris come and chat to their team... I say do it, you won’t regret the positive impact that it will have and the future and growth for your business with a powerful successful team - it is priceless. I know that I am so thankful for having Chris work with my team and am looking forward to our next steps forward.

Renée Rablin – Principle, Do Dance Academy



Women's Network Australia Sunshine Coast

Workshop - Steps To Create Momentum In Your business

  • Identify your strengths
  • Identify strengths of others around you
  • Help you get out of your own way
  • Recognise what is stopping you from moving forward

“Awesome presentation and plenty of aaahhh moments! Looking forward to you presenting at more WNA Events Chris Wildeboer can't wait for the next chapter.”

Janelle, General Manager Womens Network Australia

“Brilliant session Chris! Always insightful.” Stephanie

“Great session today Chris Wildeboer thanks for your time.” Kym

“Great session and great to meet you AND be in such a positive group of Women.”Tracey

“Had a great time today! Thanks Chris for the insight!” Deb


Healthy Slimmers Fellowship Group Brookside - Guest Speaker

Reenergise and Reengage Workshop


Healthy Slimmers Fellowship Group Redlands - Guest Speaker

Reenergise and Reengage Workshop


Healthy Slimmers Conference – Key Note Speaker

“I invited Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central to present to our members at the Healthy Slimmers Fellowship annual weekend seminar in September 2017, because she was recommended to me as the perfect lady to present….. Her presentation was amazing and the audience felt like she was addressing each one of them individually. We each suffer pain in our lives and Chris identified many issues of how we felt and areas that we need to address. The result from her presentation was awakening and left the audience feeling like ‘finally someone understands how I feel’. Chris was friendly and shared her stories with our members individually as well as during her presentation. Her presentation was perfect and at a level that all could understand and react to. I would recommend Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central to all members of the community who need a little more balance in their lives .”

Jan Lember (CEO),Healthy Slimmers Fellowship Support Group


Empowered Motherhood - Public Workshop run in conjunction with Distilled Happiness

What was included at the Empowered Motherhood workshop:

  • Guided meditation complimented with aromatherapy
  • Tapping into core values and identifying strengths
  • Exploring the powerful effects of anchoring with essential oils
  • Reflection on resisting change and growth and the reasons why
Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 10.08.29 pm


KBN Northside

Steps to Create Momentum in Your Business

“I have known Chris for around 4 years. In numerous networking circles I have heard from Chris about what her business is about, but still not ever really knowing how Chris would be able to help me. Last week I was lucky enough to complete a mini workshop with Chris and see some practical applications that Chris shares with her clients. I would have to say that I walked out of that mini workshop knowing more about myself and how I can look to handle different situations in both my work and personal life. Thank you Chris for the insight!!”

Mandy Bell ǀ Relationship Manager, Bendigo Bank


KBN Red Hill

Steps to Create Momentum in Your Business

“I attended a workshop that Chris was holding at a networking group and found the information very useful to help me navigate the chaotic life that I lead. Chris’s calm and relaxed nature gave me the confidence that she would be able to help sort the right path for me to traverse to get my life on track with my core values. I would recommend Chris to all who seek out her services.”



Connect, Bribie Island

Creating Momentum in Business and in Life


KBN Holland Park

3 Valuable Steps to Create Momentum in Your Business

“Chris brings a positive energy to a room and her calm, methodical method of presenting draws you in. Her knowledge and insight is understated, however provides a strong foundation for her presentation. An interactive component of the presentation is fun and provides an understanding of her approach to personal and professional life and how she can assist others. She is charismatic and a pleasure to listen to.“

Karen Hartley, Outfox Marketing


Profit Spaces

Inspiring Speaker


Women in Business Co

Being Aware of others when Networking

"We had the pleasure of Chris opening the July WIBCo. event for us. She worked with us and tailored her talk to beautifully compliment the following activities of the day. Chris shared some valuable insights into networking and understanding how people can differ in their communication preferences, plus she provided simple, yet highly effective tips. The audience was engaged and Chris's presentation was both entertaining and professional. “

Nicky Miklos-Woodley and Jo Westaway , Co-Founders of Women In Business Co.


Rotary - Personal Blindspots

"Being an “old hand” in business life I have heard a number of presentations about getting off your backside to do better. But yours was probably the best. The other Rotarians thought so too. When we get to bigger numbers I’d like to get you back some time”

Rotarian Geoff Wilson, BTP Rotary


Bond Appetit Podcast with Ronsley

"Identifying Blocks and Finding Your Flow with Chris Wildeboer - Here we talk all about Chris’ journey into what she refers to as ‘unconventional thinking’, her not-always pleasant experiences of food and the ancient wisdom that we can all unlock to overcome our own obstacles.”


"Chris Wildeboer was a guest speaker for Absolutely Positively Women recently. She received a lot of positive comments from the ladies in the room and I would not hesitate to have her speak to my group again. I found her very knowledgeable and confident with the subject matter and she had a great sense of presence.”

Janine Reynolds, Beyond Sales Real Estate and Founder of Absolutely Positively Women


Business Infusion Group - BIG Northlakes - Personal Blindspots

"Building Strength From Personal Blindspots"


Big Love Sharefest - Kelly Quinn Interview

"Don't miss this interview if you know you are showing up in the world (in work and relationships) as one person {strong, bold, independent} and on the inside you are collapsing, exhausted and angry."

Chris will take you on a journey of understanding while she gently nudges you into self inquiry.



Lions Samford - Personal Blindspots

"Chris attended a meeting of the Lions Club of Samford and facilitated an informal session, during which, we heard our members articulating their strengths. Chris spoke of the importance of understanding our strengths as an important way of identifying our weaknesses. Chris was engaging and friendly, and openly shared her own stories. Chris was well prepared, prompt in her responses to emails, and a pleasure to deal with."

Samford Lions Club



Connect Bribie Island

Panel with Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis about Collaboration


Adam Houlahan’s LinkedIn Playbook Book Launch - Impact through B1G1 Community Events


Now Hear This – ABC Radio National - Noosa


Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce - Achieve BreakFree Sponsored Evening


Women’s “Time Out” Network - Personal Blindspots

“We recently had the pleasure of engaging Chris Wildeboer to speak at our Women’s Time Out Network. The presentation was entertaining insightful and had a great take home for the ladies with a small workshop component ... Chris was very easy to work with and she allowed plenty of time to interact with the visitors on the day. Overall the presentation was well put together, informative and I highly recommend Chris as a speaker if you are interested in what she does at Balance Central.”

Sandra Kelly and Stephanie McGuffog - Women’s Time Out Network


Break Free… from your Ball and Chain

Break Free from your Ball and Chain – a collaboration with Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis. An evening of networking nibbles and inspiration to help break free from ….your blind spots… your business to have a life…. You doing it all which drags you down.

Chris Wildeboer presented Personal Blind spots looking at.

• Differences between Introverts and Extroverts
• Recognising strengths within yourself and within others
• Identifying Resistance and
• Identifying Your Self Talk

Jo Hassan (www.pinkwise.com.au) presented Vibrant Business, Vibrant Life - sacking business owners and turning them into business developers

Sally Foley-Lewis (www.sallyfoleylewis.com) presented The Big 3 - how to manage people and be productive.


“I have previously worked with Chris and have heard Jo speak on a number of occasions.

Chris Wildeboer - Chris works in an area that is difficult to articulate, but put simply, she helps you overcome obstacles that occur in life, that you can’t seem to see around. As a business person this could be a mental block that is stopping you from achieving what you are trying to achieve in business or in life. Spend some time with Chris and you will be amazed how you can find your way around these obstacles.

Jo Hassan - Jo on the other hand is completely practical. Through her system of red, yellow and green days she helps you find efficiencies in your business by developing systems and procedures, giving you back life, time and perspective, freeing you to be more creative and get on with building your business.

Sally Foley-Lewis - This is the first time that I have heard Sally speak. Whilst she is not only an engaging presenter, she does really know her stuff around leadership and managing people. If you do get the opportunity to attend one of her presentations, it will be a great use of your time.”

Andrew Lyon FCPA - Dialogue Financial Management Pty Ltd

“Three vibrant women each sharing some pearls of wisdom. While each delivered different message, the presentation and event flowed seamlessly.”

Jenny Delgado

“A holistic approach to healing your business and gaining some balance back into your life. Three very experienced women who are generous with their time and experience.”

Rae Marsten

“I can highly recommend to you, if you’re considering going to hear any or all three of these successful business women speak, to do whatever it takes to get yourself along. When Balance Central – Chris Wildeboer, Red Day Coaching – Jo Hassan and Management Success – Sally Foley-Lewis spoke at the Break Free event – 3 so different business presentations yet fitted all together like a glove. There was plenty of laughter and thought provoking to move yourself or your business forward.”

Tim Dwyer

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to three amazing ladies Chris Wildeboer, Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis for a great presentation at Quest on Playfield. I must admit I did not know what to expect but I did learn a lot and will make changes to achieve success. Congratulations and if you could get more businesses to come attend future sessions it is a win win for everyone..... thanks ladies”

Maureen Cuskelly - Michael Hill Jeweller Chermside



Conscious Entrepreneurs - Personal Blindspots

“Chris Wildeboer presented her talk, Personal Blindspots, to The Conscious Entrepreneur group. She did a wonderful job of engaging the audience and painting a picture of what a Personal Blindspot might look like and the impact it might have on each individual. The journey she took us on allowed for every member of the group to explore their own personal blindspots in a way that was gentle, supportive and fun to explore.

As the host of the group I love to observe the audiences response and I can honestly say that they were immersed in Chris' talk and they benefitted from the insightful practical activity that Chris had devised Chris did a great job of reading the group, responding to questions and keeping to time! The outcome was that there was a wonderful energy of sharing and connection within the group and I would highly recommend Chris as a speaker.”

Nicole Donaldson


Connect, Bribie Island - Personal Blindspots

“Always a pleasure to listen to Chris Wildeboer… her style of communication is engaging, making it easy to understand her messages. Chris is inspirational & motivational and I love her words of encouragement to help us all gain that ‘Work Life Balance’ that most of us aspire to.

Thanks Chris for presenting ‘Personal Blindspots’ at Connect today… you engaged everyone in the room and the mood was fantastic... more food for thought for all of us to help identify and change our self talk.

Well done!!”

Kerrianne Hickman - Director (www.mrrental.com.au)


Collaborating Entrepreneurs - Networking with Awareness


Sunset Cove Redcliffe - Balanced in Business


Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs Workshop – Being Balanced in Business

“I recently invited Chris to run a workshop for the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs. My not for profit organisation offers 1.5 hour workshops on skills that will help take business women to the next level. Chris was professional, punctual, thoughtful, organised and flexible, all attributes bound to please a busy event organiser! There were lots of aha moments during the workshop, and I personally experienced a breakthrough on an issue in my business that had lingered for years. Thanks Chris for sharing your gifts with us - the shifts in consciousness, and the balance found, will certainly see our businesses powering into the new year!”

Alex Mitchell www.AuthorSupportServices.com



Conscious Wisdom – Personal Story


Black Belt in Business Motivational Monday – Blockages in Mindset


Feed Your Soul Retreat – Being Balanced


The Kitchen Table Network – West Brisbane – Balanced in Business


NRG South Brisbane – Unconscious Business



Creative Synergy – Systemising your Networking


Founding Mums – Unconscious Business


Key Business Network Cleveland – Unconscious Business


Key Business Network Mt Gravatt – Unconscious Business


Business Ideas – Systemising your Business


Key Business Network Springfield – Unconscious Business


Key Business Network Bardon – Unconscious Business


Business Ideas – Systemising your Networking


Mums In Business – Unconscious Business

Feb to Dec

Natural Business Alignment – Organiser and Co-Presenter

Supporting Practitioners in the Wellness Industry to achieve sustainable businesses



Mums In Business – Unconscious Living


Business 2 Business – What has Networking Meant for me?



RAW Food & Healthy Living - Unconscious Living

“Chris Wildeboer is a dynamic presenter and it was an absolute pleasure of hosting her at one of our monthly events. The talk that she kindly delivered was an excellent subject for our members and their guests who gained valuable insights into 'Unconscious Living'

Chris' delivery and interaction with the 27 audience members kept them involved, and it was clear that they were engaged by her stories, insights, sincerity, and her message.”

Rado Trenciansky -The Brisbane "Raw Food & Healthy Living" Community Group


The Kitchen Table Network - Decluttering for Christmas (joint presentation with Kerri Rodley)

“Chris is passionate about what she does and it certainly comes across in her presentations. She has a relaxed and warm manner which allows her audience to relax as well. She offers useful advice and information which is not only easy to understand but easy to incorporate into everyday life. The best presenters are always good story tellers and Chris has the ability to relate to everyone in the room by sharing stories to get her point across. I always look forward to hearing Chris present and always come away learning something new.”

Jackie Price, The Kitchen Table Network


Business to Business - Unconscious Business

“Chris, I thought you would appreciate hearing some of the feedback from your presentation at the B2BB Networking event in October. Some of the words used were “inspirational”, “thought provoking” and “entertaining”. Too often we just accept that we need use our left brain to run a business but you pointed out why we need balance and importantly how to release the “valve” when needed and everyone really got that, thank you.

I would also like to thank you from the perspective of being an organiser for being prepared, proactive and organised. As an organiser it is very much appreciated when our speakers are ready to go without a hitch. Good luck with Balance Central; the business world needs more balance!”

Shirley Farrell, Business 2 Business Brisbane Co-organiser


Great Women - Personal Story

“Chris is magical. There is a profound yet humble presence about Chris that will make audiences spellbound by any message she delivers. Charismatic, potent and raw!”

Aina Notoa, The Driving Force behind Gr8 Women


Networking Chats - Unconscious Business

“I have had the pleasure of being present twice now when Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central has been a presenter. Chris’s enthusiasm for her work and her life comes across as she takes her listener on a journey of what has made her who she is today. Her story and experience is moving as she endeavours to support not only her clients but also her audience into understanding the work that she does.

As hard as it is to express the power of her work, she finds a way of demonstrating it so that there is no doubt what she is talking about. Whether you hear her personal story or how she expresses her work, I feel that no one will be left without a greater understanding not only of Chris but of themselves as well.”

Jennie Gorman, Connexions Unlimited and Networking Chats


Business Equator - Personal Story about Creating Balance Central

“Having Chris speak at the Business Equator event was awesome. Chris is able to explain in clear and concise ways how she is able, with her modality to work with business people. She gave a great talk and held me interested the whole way through. I came away knowing what her service offered and how it could benefit.”

Margaret Wilmink, Neways

“Chris recently spoke at Business Equator regarding her journey to establishing Balance Central. It was a heartfelt story and gave me a real insight into Chris “the person”. I would recommend Chris for her down to earth presentation.”

Amanda McCall, A McCall Financial Services Pty Ltd and Business Equator

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