Self Talk

A few years back I was asked a question – it was simple enough – “who is your Target Market?” It took me about a year to find the answer – the pathway to that answer involved one primary thing - I needed to look at my self talk.

My Self Talk went something like “I don’t know where to find that market. Do I really want to work in that industry? Why would they take my ideas on board?”

I soon turned this into “I have lots to offer as I have experience in this industry. I know I bring a different perspective. I love the challenge of tackling new things!”

YAY! I had turned it around! However, I still hadn’t gained any traction.

I had to listen a little closer to what I was telling myself, and I had to look at the Questioning Self Talk. This sounded like “If I do step into this, what will that mean?” and “I don’t know what that will look like – is this really something I want to be doing?”

I sat down and started listing the pros and cons, and I soon realised that the benefits far outweighed the changes.

The result of looking at my Questioning Self Talk is now I am working with my ideal clients and loving every second.