We customize workshops designed specifically to the needs of your organisation. 

Turning struggle to triumph, we personally work with you to establish your goals and tailor a program for your specific organisation and team.

The Next Step in Effective Communication

Do you see your team crumbling before your eyes?

Would you like everyone in your team to be communicating effectively?

The Next Step in Effective Communication focuses on the positive contributions of others, identifies that we all have innate strengths and ensures that effective team focus can be achieved.

Next Step In Decision Making

Are your team members feeling frustrated and exhausted?

Would you like them to have complete confidence in their decision making process?

The Next Step in Decision Making provides the ability to step away from the busyness and to see what is missing in the team. With momentum established the team becomes more productive, more engaged and focused on striving towards where you need them to be.

The Next Step In Productivity

Do the teams KPI’s keep missing the mark?

Would you prefer to be pleasantly surprised by the results of your team?

The Next Step in Productivity shows how simple changes create amazing outcomes through understanding everyone’s motivations and individual strengths.

Working through the DEEP process of Discovery, Embracing, Essentials and Perceptive we make clear concise and thoughtful decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

Through DISCOVERY we look to expand our thinking, through EMBRACING we show a willingness to include different ideas, with ESSENTIALS we can sense and identify what is needed and when we are PERCEPTIVE we know the direction that needs to be taken.

The Next Step
In Decision Making

The Next Step - Team Mentoring and Effective Communication

What People Say

The Next Step In Effective Communication

Before Sevine started working with Balance Central she was always searching for Validation as she had lost connection with her own intuition. As she continues to combine many of the programs, workshops and sessions she has found a real sense of satisfaction and flow about her direction.

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The Next Step in Decision Making

Always on the search for personal growth, HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah began to look at what were the deep beliefs that were holding her back. As she continues to combine the personal deep work with team workshops there is more peace and contentment across all areas of her life.

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Team Dynamics

Bongaree Dental found that they had to redesign and refocus their team environment to cater to changes in the business.

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Reenergise and Reengage

Reenergize Reengage WorkshopIt is without a surprise to me that I am writing this testimonial with how amazing Chris is! I have done a lot

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