Bongaree Dental

Team Dynamics – 2 Day Workshop

Over past years we have been a strong and productive health care team. When we suddenly lost three employees due to relocation in a short period of time, we found the team environment changed and required some redesign and refocus to enable us to continue providing our high standard of patient care.

We engaged Chris to facilitate a 2-part workshop to enhance the Bongaree Team Dynamics. These 2 workshops were completed 8 weeks apart and throughout this time Chris was very good and continually ensured the content was tailored specifically to our team.

How has the situation changed since working with Chris an what were the greatest results?

  1. A variety of outcomes were achieved over these workshops
  2. It gave us time and an environment away from the workplace to bond and review and share expectations.
  3. We got to know our newest team members better, and they got to know us. It was a valuable platform for new team members to learn more about the Bongaree Dental Philosophy.
  4. It encouraged all members to recognise their strengths and importantly, their challenges so that they could grow and refine their existing skills.
  5. To build a stronger workplace moving forward.