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The Get More Success Show with Warwick Merry CSP

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Talkers FM – Podcast / Interview

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Women's Network Australia - Working Women Magazine - Article

Awareness of default behaviour Can Bring Change - Pg 37

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Article in Quest Newspapers Northside Chronicle, Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Written by: Andrew Macleod • Picture by: Josh Wonning


Every Dollar Helps: Chris

From her backyard in Boondall, businesswoman Chris Wildeboer has helped 1.6 million people around the world – one dollar at a time.

Her giving was recognised through the not-for-profit Buy1Give1 (B1G1) in Bali last month.

“It’s not about how much you have to give but the fact you can, in a small way and still have an amazing impact.” She said.

Nominated for an Overall Impact award, Ms Wildeboer said she was “seriously excited” about the impact she had been able to have.

“People have a fear about their donated dollars not getting to a project, that’s one of the reasons I was attracted to B1G1 because it does the direct thing.” Ms Wildeboer said.

“I know the people and it has good integrity.”

Together with her Balance Central clients she has supported clean water projects, meals for students, bricks for classrooms, books for school and wages for social workers.

“What I came away with was the word significance – you can be anyone and you can be significant.” she said.

Gr8 Women Newsletter - Feature Story

It was an Ordinary Friday...

An article written by me (Chris Wildeboer) where I share my personal story of how Balance Central came about.

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Psychic Couch Interview Series (1 of 5)

Finding Your Balance Central

A segment of an interview with Lynda Louise Burke of The Psychic Couch -

So how does being balanced assist you with being able to tune into your intuition and your own inner voice? Why is it important? Where does your centre sit? Has your world been put out of kilter? Listen to how Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central explains what it’s all about! Perhaps you can identify this in your own life? Interested in learning more about Chris’s journey?

Watch The Interview Here

Psychic Couch Interview Series (2 of 5)

Do You Come from that Practical Head Space?

A segment of an interview with Lynda Louise Burke of The Psychic Couch -

Chris Wildeboer is a lady who practices what she preaches! And she is not backward in coming forward! She will let you exactly how it is! This is why is was great to interview such a ‘practical’ lady about intuition! Watch and listen to why Chris had to start listening to her intuition. Does the way she talk about coming from a practical head space resonate with you? Interested in learning more about Chris’s journey?

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Psychic Couch Interview Series (3 of 5)

Giving Up And Not Trusting Yourself?

A segment of an interview with Lynda Louise Burke of The Psychic Couch -

This is such a common theme in all of our lives. We want to move forward in our lives but we feel stuck! So is this the point where people just give up and not trust themselves? Here how Chris explains this. And ask yourself – Do I let my intuition in? Really start thinking about all the videos and interviews you have watched and ask your self this question.

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Psychic Couch Interview Series (4 of 5)

Feeling Challenged to let your Intuition In?

A segment of an interview with Lynda Louise Burke of The Psychic Couch -

By now you would have a pretty good understanding of Chris and her practical take on life. Does she remind you of yourself or someone you know? You know I think we all have a little bit of this practical aspect in our lives! So why is she challenged to let her intuition in? And why does this keep her calmer for the day? Watch and see how Chris Wildeboer overcomes this very real challenge.

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Psychic Couch Interview Series (5 of 5)

Chris's Definition Of Intuition

A segment of an interview with Lynda Louise Burke of The Psychic Couch -

Chris's definition of Intuition and when did she NOT listen to her own gut feelings.  Is it instinct or is it intuition? Chris gives her definition of intuition. Maybe you will agree? Also, she shares a time when she did not trust her own gut feelings.

Watch The Interview Here

You, You and your Systems, You and your People Podcast - 43 mins

Sally Foley-Lewis, Jo Hassan and Chris Wildeboer have a conversation about You, You and Your Systems, You and Your People. Together we make an unlikely lot because our respective expertise varies yet we are so complimentary. We’ve collaborated on projects and it just works!

Listen in as we unpack you:
• Why is it important to have self-awareness?
• What’s the value of systems in your day-to-day?
• How do you build and improve on relationships with others?

Listen To The Conversation Here

A League of Their Own Podcast - 33 mins

Deborah Fay interviews Chris Wildeboer from Balance Central for A League Of Their Own. This interview covers 3 key areas for successfully showing up for business including setting boundaries, managing self-talk and learning to believe and persist.

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The Point TV - Personal Blindspots

The Point TV showcases Interesting stories from Interesting people and gets to the point of the subject. In this interview Chris shares some of her personal journey and explains what her experience has shown her about Personal Blindspots.


Conversation that Matters - Hosted By Paul Dunn

In May 2015 Balance Central was chosen as a panellist for the “Conversation that Matters” series hosted by Paul Dunn (4 times TEDx speaker). This conversation shares what Balance Central is WHY connection is fundamentally important and also How I continue to connect to the global community through B1G1.

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Balance Central is a book about identifying boundaries, learning how to respond instead of reacting, being patient and accepting.

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Balance Central audiobook can be purchased via Google Play and

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Health Professional Radio – 5 interviews specifically about my book – Balance Central - 1 hour

This interview series was hosted by Katherine – a journalist for Health Professional Radio. This is primarily to introduce you to the different sections of my book Balance Central.

This 5 part series looks at each section

I hope you enjoy learning more about me and my book!

Focussed Fish Tantalising Transformation Interview – Stephanie Gill (Interview about leaving corporate and going into own Business) – 1 hour

Tantalising Transformation Interview exposes the story behind Balance Central, how it came about and what inspires me to continue to build my business.

Podcast on Money, Mindset and Making it Happen. Hosted by Michelle House from More Sense, More Money – 40 mins

The specific topic we talked about on this podcast was Procrastination and Self Doubt. In this podcast we look at some of the aspects of my life that have gave me direction and experiences that helped me with my own Procrastination and Self Doubt. Keep an ear out about a different way of looking at co-incidences and what they might mean for you!

Listen To Interview Here

Geoff Moller - Management Consulting, Business Strategist, Trademarks and IP – 40 mins

In this in-depth interview I share my personal journey leading to the creation of Balance Central. This interview takes a look at the main events that lead me to where I am today and also some of the learnings I have gained along the way.

Listen To Interview Here

Weekend Notes Article – Written by Cheryl Goodenough

This article was written after Cheryl’s personal experience of her session in Balance Central. Cheryl describes, in a very real way, what happened while she was in the Balance Central room and also what she noticed a number of days after her session.

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