Facilitation Testimonials

May 2023

There and Back Again : Coaching Speaking and the Journey Inbetween

November 2022

I found her attention to detail, energy & flexibility in dealing with our members quite inspiring

November 2021

Mental/Emotional Health Expert providing Guidance and Support for Course members

October 2021

Mental/Emotional Health Expert providing Guidance and Support for Course members

Breakout Speaker and Panelist – Building your Business by Connecting to a Cause

January 2020

Always on the search for personal growth, HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah began to look at what were the deep beliefs that were holding her back. As she continues to combine the personal deep work with team workshops there is more peace and contentment across all areas of her life.

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Chris has presented at numerous places over her career.

“Chris is magical. There is a profound yet humble presence about Chris that will make audiences spellbound by any message she delivers. Charismatic, potent and raw!” Aina NotoaThe Driving Force behind Gr8 Women

“Awesome presentation and plenty of aaahhh moments! Looking forward to you presenting at more WNA Events Chris Wildeboer can’t wait for the next chapter.”

Break Free from your Ball and Chain – a collaboration with Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis. An evening of networking nibbles and inspiration to help break free from ….your blind spots… your business to have a life…. You doing it all which drags you down.Chris Wildeboer presented Personal Blind spots looking at.• Differences between Introverts

Keynote Speaker – 3 Steps To Create Momentum In Your Business.

“We recently had the pleasure of engaging Chris Wildeboer to speak at our Women’s Time Out Network. The presentation was entertaining insightful and had a great take home for the ladies with a small workshop component … Chris was very easy to work with and she allowed plenty of time to interact with the visitors

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