Facilitation Testimonials

May 2023

There and Back Again : Coaching Speaking and the Journey Inbetween

November 2022

I found her attention to detail, energy & flexibility in dealing with our members quite inspiring

November 2021

Mental/Emotional Health Expert providing Guidance and Support for Course members

October 2021

Mental/Emotional Health Expert providing Guidance and Support for Course members

Breakout Speaker and Panelist – Building your Business by Connecting to a Cause

January 2020

Always on the search for personal growth, HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah began to look at what were the deep beliefs that were holding her back. As she continues to combine the personal deep work with team workshops there is more peace and contentment across all areas of her life.

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Chris presented at the Business Equator event and shared how she started Balance Central.

This Hypothetical with an Introvert and Extrovert – you be the judge.

“Chris brings a positive energy to a room and her calm, methodical method of presenting draws you in. Her knowledge and insight is understated, however provides a strong foundation for her presentation. An interactive component of the presentation is fun and provides an understanding of her approach to personal and professional life and how she can assist others. She is charismatic and a pleasure to listen to.“

“Chris Wildeboer was a guest speaker for Absolutely Positively Women recently. She received a lot of positive comments from the ladies in the room and I would not hesitate to have her speak to my group again. I found her very knowledgeable and confident with the subject matter and she had a great sense of

Enhancing Your Strengths Workshop

Presenting to Business 2 Business which is run by the Brisbane North Chamber of Commerce provided a number of aha! moments.

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