Lulua Group of Companies, Kuwait

The Next Step Workshop – 5 Day Workshop and One-to-One Consultations

“The workshop content helped me to understand other mindsets like improvement and helped me to find out which energy I am in. This workshop changed some of my ideas on misconceptions. I loved the way Chris presented the discussions and she was precise in everything she delivered. I now know more about the inner me, and understand others a little better.” NOORJAHAN LAL

“I learnt many new observations about myself and my other colleagues. I will use my new found knowledge by implementing it in my work, life, family and MYSELF.” HUZAIFA KAKUMAMA

“Great value to understand what type of persona I am in order to work more on myself. What I liked most was the interaction with people who I didn’t interact with before.” JAD SHARARA

“Chris’s delivery is fantastic, charming and super engaging.” AHMED YOUNIS

“It opened up some new sectors in my brain. I intend to use my new found knowledge by implementing it in my day life not only at work, this would help me be more confident at work too.” MALAK ELSHALI

“I learnt a lot about myself and other people around me which I wouldn’t have known. It got me out of my comfort zone.” AISHA NADIM

“She made me comfortable to a level I accepted everything from her. What I liked most was the awareness about energies and how they work with each other. I got to understand my team and the people more.” VANIK KODJIAN