Unlock Your Power Program

Do you find that what you ask for doesn't always come your way?

Would you prefer all the pieces of life to fall
into place just for you?

When we ask for anything to manifest we are accessing the Law of Attraction - but sometimes it seems that what we ask for just does not show up.

Every time we ask for what we want, it seems to be just out of reach or we cannot see the benefit of what is appearing in it’s place. We know that we are somehow contributing and become disheartened when “what we want” does not turn up when or how we expect.

When we become grounded and aligned to what we want to attract, even the little things in life seem to line up just for us.

By removing blocks, doubts and fears we increase the attraction of positive things, people and experiences into our life. We feel more confident and we know we are attracting what we need in our life, regardless of what it appears. We are able to recognise that things are perfectly timed just for us. By letting go of what it “should look like” we become able to see what we are needing.

We are all familiar with the concept of the being empowered yet most of us continue to struggle to feel empowered.

We decide on what we want and then hold tight to that expectation and when the specifics are not met we beat ourselves up and feel like we have failed to do as much as we possibly could. The feeling of failure then becomes part of what we are asking for which creates mixed messages.

We need to identify the underlying issues within ourselves to allow a clear understanding of what we are really asking for and to become empowered at a deeper level.

The Law of Attraction is always at work – the real issues lie within the principles that govern the Law of Attraction. By clearing the core principles that govern the Law of Attraction you release the struggle of always trying, and you receive clarity and confirmation of what you are actually attracting into your life. All the little things begin to fall into place and you feel a sense of empowerment.

By clearing your issues around the principles that govern the Law of Attraction your energy becomes aligned to your intentions.

As you move through life you feel a sense of purpose and connection to what you are attracting. The Unlock Your Power Program is available for you to let go of the expectations of how things "should look" and opens the opportunity for you to receive the things, the people and the experiences you are looking for with ease. It opens you to access the full potential of the empowered you.

Chris has been critical in helping me make some profound shifts in my personal and professional life. She's an absolute expert in supporting and shifting energy (who knew that was even a thing?!) and does her incredible work with passion, humour and humility. Some of my oldest, ugliest habits have entirely shifted as result of our work together. It's not an intellect thing, it's way deeper than that. I simply do not know anyone else who can make these kinds of shifts happen - thank you Chris!

What's Included In The Program?

The Unlock Your Power Program includes:

  • 7 Sessions - these are offered as either a Face to Face or a Virtual Session allowing you to choose what works best for you in your life 
  • Pre-determined issues for each session are provided to create maximum results for you within your own Law of Attraction - allowing for a very deep and foundational clearing of your energy
  • Personalised timing of your 7 sessions - completed anywhere from 6 to 9 months giving you individual time to process each session
  • A Check-in Phone Call between each session to ensure you stay focused and aware of the changes around you, allowing your intention to stay clear and focused
  • Email support, throughout the length of your personalised program, for when you need just a little bit more clarity of what is changing within you
Purchasing one Unlock Your Power Program provides computer education to indigenous students through B1G1

What People Say ....

HH Sheikha Intisar AlSabah – Always on the search for personal growth, began to look at what were the deep beliefs that were holding her back. As she experience more peace and contentment across all areas of her life, she then offered this program to members of her team.

Sevine Forster – Before starting to work with Balance Central she was always searching for Validation as she had lost connection with her own intuition. Unlock Your Power connected Sevine back to her own insights, knowledge and experience.

Founder of Intisar Foundation – bringing peace to Arab Women

Founder and Director of The Facial Hub

Areas that will be specifically cleared through the Unlock Your Power Program

Principle of Wanting

We can become stuck in a pattern of always wanting more. By clearing the energy within “wanting” you will start to see the things you have always wanted very clearly.

Principle of Desire

We can become confused about where our life is headed. When working through our desires we receive clarity and confirmation about where our desires are leading us.

Principle of Love

Often messages of love become mixed which scrambles our love vibration. When the love energy is settled we experience expansion and acceptance of how love appears across all aspects of our life.

Principle of the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is always in existence and always working – the problem is within us. When we identify the core issues within ourselves in relation to the Law we become attuned to all aspects of the Law of Attraction allowing for things to fall into place with ease.

Principle of Relationship

The Principle of Relationship is the Universal Law that unites all things. When the Principle of Relationship is balanced we feel a completeness of purpose, we find right relationship with people and things around us as it is the underlying principle of all manifestation.

Aligning and Grounding to the Principles of the Law of Attraction

Even when all of the principles are settled we still feel a sense to strive too hard for things to come to us. Being grounded and aligned is the final and vital component as it creates a feeling of being settled, of allowance and a centred space where all things feel just right.


When you are fully aligned to your personal Law of Attraction your core learning will be revealed. This is highlighted as the thing you are still willing to compromise or sacrifice in your world. This session resolves the deep underlying patterns holding these compromises in place and gives you the key to fully unlocking your power.

What People Say ....

Alf Magnano – Felt there were professional roadblocks that kept appearing.  Ultimately, he reached the awareness that all we need to do is build on what we already have.

Malak Sahli - Malak had not come across a program like this before and wasn’t too sure of what outcomes we could create for her and her life. She now recognizes significant and fundamental changes in herself and as a result she is seeing similar changes in the people around her.

What People Say ....

Jaleesa Paine - Jaleesa was looking for someone to keep her accountable and to ensure she kept on track with her business ideas.  By completing the Unlock Your Power Program Jaleesa was able to let go of the things she thought she wanted and discovered the freedom that comes with allowing what she really needed.

Dr Amal Al Malki – Amal describes herself as a high achiever and can often be highly anxious.  After connecting and ensuring this program was a good fit for her, Amal has re-discovered her creativity and she shares that she is a happier person as a result.

What People Say ....

Gaja Kruchlik - Was given an opportunity from her CEO to engage with some of the programs and workshops offered through Balance Central. As her growth and self awareness continues she feels more awakened and empowered.

Head of Alnowair and Managing Director of Yellow Submarine

Kelly Quinn – Was feeling she kept dropping out of her power into disempowerment. After Unlock Your Power Program she is taking ownership of her choices and creating opportunities in a way that she had never done before.

What People Say ....

Vako Kodijan - Vako was initially hesitant in working with me as he had tried many different programs and had not ever really noticed any difference within himself.  After working with the Unlock Your Power Program he has been surprised at the benefits, beyond his imagination.

Vako Kodjian

Ali El ChalabiFrom the moment we started talking about the Unlock Your Power Program, Ali questioned every single aspect, he wanted to understand everything before experiencing the changes. When he realized the understanding would come from the experience, what he discovered was there was much more he needed to learn about himself and now he feels he can be a better human being.

Ali El Chalabi

What People Say ....

Julie Lomas - Julie is a Holistic Life Coach and was intrigued by the different way that this Program dealt with her issues.  By constantly questioning what she really wanted, she has allowed herself to start working in ways she could only imagine before.


Matthew Dunstan – He had noticed that he was doing all the must do’s but the results weren’t there. He found his flow and spontaneity reappeared.

The Unlock Your Power Program balances the core issues relating to what we attract in our life. When these issues are identified you feel a strong sense of satisfaction and all things simply fall into place. When we are aligned and integrated through all aspects of our own personal Law of Attraction we feel completely settled in all areas and we can stand in our true power. This program aligns you to your own power within, allowing for your life to fall into place.

The Unlock Your Power Program includes 7 sessions and gives you personalised support over a six (6) to nine (9) month period while you open to the full potential of your empowerment.

What People Say ....

Zeina Bou Ghanem - is based in Kuwait and works as the Head of Business for Intisars Jewellery.  Zeina describes how lucky she was to have crossed paths at the time we did, and she particularly liked that Unlock Your Power was a program where she could help herself to unlock her power. I love the way Zeina describes what happens to her after every session.

Tim Dwyer – Identified his self-talk and self-doubt was getting in the way of life. Throughout the program he saw the pieces of his jigsaw coming together.

Sarah’s world looked picture perfect from the outside, however not all was as it seemed. As a result of our work together, some of my oldest, ugliest habits have entirely shifted.

Sarah Lloyd-Hughes

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