Unlock Your Business Potential

Are you working hard at your business with minimum results?
Would you like your business to flow with ease?

Your business can hold stress in its energies and as a result it may not flow as effectively as possible. If your business is not flowing your business can struggle to attract what it needs to grow and evolve.

When stress is removed from your business it will start to attract the ideas, people and situations that it needs to be successful. By identifying and releasing the issues your business will begin to feel a new lease on life and things will start to fall into place.

We all have different reasons and valid explanations for why our business is not achieving what we want. We feel so connected to our business that we often can't see the real reasons behind the challenges are things like time, finances and missed opportunities. The 3 main areas that are affected by these challenges are the conception of the business, the day to day workings of the business and the future direction we want for our business.

By looking closely at these challenges we can start to see where the problems really are which gives your business a chance to start breathing again. The next step is to ensure you are aligned to your business and can see it through clear eyes. When we have a new perspective it results in our ability to let go of the past and move forward to where we want our business to be.

Give your business the new lease on life you have wanted by balancing the Foundations, the Fundamentals, the Projection and Aligning you to the new balanced energies of your business. Let's get your business flowing.

To move your business forward contact us at support@balancecentral.com.au or call Chris on 0423 607 047.

What's Included In The Program?

Unlock Your Business Potential Program includes:

  • 1 Discovery Session to establish what is most important for you to achieve in your business and where you want to see changes in your business.
  • 4 Sessions - these are offered as either a Face to Face or a Remote Session allowing you to choose what works best for you in your life.
  • 2 Realignment Sessions to ensure the business and the business owner(s) are still working from the same page
  • Check-in Phone Calls over a 12 month period to ensure your business is continuing to grow from strength to strength
  • Ongoing email support throughout the length of your Balances for Business Program


1 Unlock Your Business Potential Program provides business training to women through B1G1


Components of the Unlock Your Business Potential Program


The conception of your business - By clearing out all of the original energy including doubts and fears around setting up of a business it allows for a business to operate from a clean slate.  It gives the business and the business owner the ability to move forward using all the information that has been learnt over the life span of the business.


The day to day workings of your business – This looks at the procrastination and feeling of things being in the too hard basket. By settling the fundamentals of a business it allows for daily growth as more day to day activities can be achieved with ease.


– The future of your business  - This looks at what fears and frustrations are getting in the way of where the business owner wants to take their business.  By clearing the pathway to the future more clarity and connection appears around what the future can be.


Business Owner to the Business Energy – The most important aspect between a business owner and their business is to feel like they are on the same page.  When a business owner is aligned to their business the direction of the business is easy to create and future decisions are made with more ease.


Space between a Business Owner and the business – A business grows and goes through changes over time and the business owner needs to remain aligned energetically.  At times communication needs to be re-established so that the right actions can happen and the right activities are attracted into the business.  When the space between the business and the business owner are cleared the business keeps flowing.

By choosing to Unlock Your Business Potential you are choosing to clear out the core issues of your business which gives you and your business the ability to flow within its own energy.

Business Program Testimonials

Sessions to keep your business flowing

… The business balance with Chris was exactly what I needed to clear the blocks that I’d inadvertently created for myself and the business and WOW! What a transformation ... Matthew Dunstan, Rising Tide Ventures. CLICK HERE to read more.

… The benefits started in the most unexpected ways after just the first balance, and have continued through the four balances, and into the rest of the year ... Meredian Pictures and Words CLICK HERE to read more.

… Not only has my business improved but also my personal life has exploded in an awesome way … Jason CLICK HERE to read more.

Read on for Full Versions

Matthew Dunstan - Rising Tide Ventures

Matthew called me one day out of the blue and he wanted to chat about where things were heading for him and for his business. Through our conversation it soon became clear that he was feeling stuck in part of his business and unsure what else he could possibly be doing to get the results he wanted. Within a few weeks he had completed the Balances for Business Package for his business Rising Tide Ventures and the changes within his business and himself have been fantastic!

Matthew Wrote

You know when things aren’t working as they should. You keep pushing on doors but for some reason, they’re not opening as easily as they used to. Well that’s where I found myself last year. It felt like I was walking through mud. I was putting myself out there, creating value and giving everywhere I could - there was just nothing coming back…until Chris worked the business and I over!

We all know we can get in the way of ourselves and many times, the thing that slows us down is… us!. The business balance with Chris was exactly what I needed to clear the blocks that I’d inadvertently created for myself and the business and WOW! What a transformation. Almost immediately, things felt lighter, clearer and more optimistic. I was pushing on doors and they were opening! It felt like someone had taken the stones out from beneath the trolley I pushing. Business interactions were just smoother, opportunities became more natural and I found myself working on things that just seemed to evolve of their own accord.

If you’re good at what you do, but you feel like you’re operating with a weight around your ankles, a business balance is what you need to clear the barriers to achieving everything you should.

Louise Williams - Emotive Images

Louise first came to Balance Central to look at her Business (Emotive Images) and how she was functioning in her business. From there we also focused on her personal energy and within just a few months her focus and perspective shifted allowing her to prioritise what is really important in her personal life and her business life.

Louise Wrote

I am so grateful for Chris Wildeboer who came into my life over the past year. We have walked in the same circles together for a while, but it was in the last 6 months that I have actively engaged in working together with her to balance out my business and personal energy.

I entered the process with some hesitation, as I have always been a seeker of improving things for myself, and most things I have come across have not really made much impact in my life. I was looking for something that spoke to the intuition within myself, and raised my own awareness, rather than being 'talked at' by yet another person.

My previous profession as a Psychologist never really put me in a great position to be 'talked at' so to speak. So when I started working with Chris Wildeboer and realising that her process was so much more about awakening the intuition within myself, so I could help myself....well....I was hooked.... It has been a little over 6 months since we started this journey together, and I have SO much to be grateful for. There are so many positive changes happening in Emotive Images for the next year, I feel so much joy about where my business is headed.

Having Chris from Balance Central and a few other significant people in my corner, focusing me and keeping my energies grounded, I can walk into this surgery next week with much less apprehension, and a more positive view on the outcome, however it will play out. So grateful for the last 6 months, and my gaze is gently fixed on the next 6 months and having Emotive Images and myself blossom into everything I hope and dream of!

Much love xxx Louise

Karen Farley – Personal Travel Manager
Karen had known me for a few years but it wasn't until December 2013 that she came up to me and said OK Chris I'm ready - I don't know what it is you do - but I need some balance around my business. So we organised for her to complete the Balances for Business and here is her amazing testimonial.
Chey Bodhi – (previously known as Heather Boon - Mind Body Business Doctor)

Heather felt it was time for her Business to receive the Balances for Business. Here is her experience documented step by step and captured on video after each session was completed.

1. Foundations Balance
2. Fundamentals Balance
3. Projection Balance
4. Alignment Balance
Meredian – Pictures and Words

The owners of Meredian decided that 2012 was the year to combine all their skills and talents into their business. They chose all the standard practical business setup processes and then wanted to make sure that everything would work together harmoniously. We completed the 4 Balances for Business over an 8 week period and the realizations and immediate changes were amazing!

Meredith Wrote

We run two interrelated businesses and were challenged to prioritise our energies. We had already enjoyed great outcomes with personal balances, and were keen to see the magic work for our business. The benefits started in the most unexpected ways after just the first balance, and have continued through the four balances, and into the rest of the year. Somehow the Balances manage to not only give us unexpected benefits, but have helped us stretch and open our minds for future possibilities. With a new outlook, we will really rock in 2013!

Anne – Usana

Anne originally completed the Balances for Business in February 2011 (see testimonial below) and has continued to receive follow up balances. Over this time Anne’s Business has been through a name change, a change in focus and a change in direction. Anne has kindly made an addition to her original testimonial.

Anne Wrote

Business update. When I first came to see Chris, I was in a state of indecision as to which way I was taking the business. I had two main streams, and wasn’t sure how to merge them or which stream was to get the most focus and attention. After the first visit, much of that foggy uncertainty literally blew away and the surge of excitement and a real lift was noticeable in the business. It was beyond fabulous. I’ve had 2 ‘top up’ visits since the original Balances for Business and the complete change in the business has totally knocked my socks off and has been completely unexpected.

I’ve gone from cloudy to laser focus and now am excited to dive into my business and play every single day. I keep saying ‘I’ve no idea what you did, but the noticeable change straight after my appointment was undeniable.’ My business has literally doubled in size. And is showing signs of mega growth next year once current foundations take root!!

Anne – Usana

Anne is a successful business owner and has a fantastic reputation for the work she does. However there is always room for improvement and she felt her business could do with a little bit of a push to get the money flowing. She also recognized that her own fears were holding her back and wanted an effective way of getting past those fears.

Anne Wrote

You know how sometimes you just hook up with someone, over a coffee, not too sure what you're going to chat about, but the universe has put you together for a reason!? Well that happened with Chris and I. She suggested a coffee, I thought, what a great idea and before you know it I'd decided I wanted a business balance. My gut told me it was right. Without going into details, I must admit my business could have done with a serious cash injection and an improved attitude of abundance. I went along with Chris's schedule of 4 balances - 2 remote balances, 1 face-to-face balance and 1 alignment balance at her practice and hoped for the best. After the first two I didn't notice anything dramatic but during the week following the last session I was starting to think 'oh my God, what on earth did she do?'!!!

I documented my observations during only the first 10 days following my time with Chris and here's what I noticed. Bewildered with the level of success and positive manifestation is an understatement:

  • An entire week of back to back appointments in the style side of my business. That's NEVER happened before. One or two a week is usually considered good.
  • 3 people approached me about the health and wellness side of the business wanting product or business information where normally I feel I need to do the approaching
  • My negative attitude and fear of rejection with the networking side has totally and unequivocally lifted. I noticed this when I had to pick up the phone for a normally difficult conversation, I felt positive and fabulous. When I hung up all I could think of was 'what just happened????'
  • We've had amazing sales success at one of our skincare gatherings with only 2 guests at the table. The results were mindblowing.
  • The ideas of fun, positive ways to build my Usana business are flooding out of my head whereas not that long ago I was questioning whether it was the right path for me.
  • A makeup class with just one person was followed by a $500 makeup order and another class booking
  • I had a few clear out items on ebay – normally stuff doesn't sell too well, this time it all went at a great price – ALL of it!
  • And finally I simply couldn't resist a pair of very expensive high fashion frames (specs). Normally I would get worried about how I'd pay for it, pay it off slowly or be fearful about how I'd explain it to my accountant husband. But this time I manifested the cash to cover it totally without a worry in the world. Believe me, no one is more surprised than me.

Holy Moly woman, what on earth did you do!!! And that's only in 10 days!!!!! I'm totally totally bewildered in a positive way because I've spent money on all sorts of seminars and coaching and no one ever ever has created this kind of result with my business and quite possibly my attitude toward it. And now I want to make sure it stays!!! Would I recommend Chris's balances to others?? Hell yeah but not if makes her too busy for ME!

Shirley – Shirley Farrell HR Management Services

Shirley is the owner of HR Management Services and at the beginning of 2011 she had recognized that her business was being blocked in certain areas and she felt the flow that she had been working hard to achieve was lacking. We completed 4 Balances for her Business and 12 months later the results have been amazing.

Shirley Wrote

I thought that you might like to know what has occurred this year since having a balance completed in January on my business and on me personally. Towards the end of last year my business started to pick up and I was feeling a little "chaotic" and "dysfunctional" from the degree of "busy-ness." So the opportunity to get some balance back was a very welcome one. What I did not expect to happen was what occurred since the balance and what a difference it has made to my confidence in what I do. You see when I look back on 2011, I think about all the "wins" and milestones that I have achieved but there is one that stands out and which has not happened to me before in 3 years as a Business Adviser in HR Management. Every new client that I have met this year has engaged my services. Every existing client has renewed their retention contract with my business. I don't know how many businesses can make a claim to 100% repeat business and 100% engagement from new business and I don't know exactly what I have done but I definitely intend to keep doing it! What a sensational year and many thanks to Balance Central for playing a role in the success of HR Management Services.

Gwen Irons – LG Enterprises
Gwen had been building her network marketing business for a couple of years and was achieving good results. However she could see that there were opportunities to increase those results but there were blocks getting in her way. She knew that she had to find a way to clear these blocks for her business to flow more effectively, when she came to Balance Central we were able to work on releasing those blocks. We worked on both her personal life and her business to get all areas of her life flowing in the same direction.
Renée – Do Dance Academy

5 years into her business and Renee is being sort after by many other dance studios to teach for them and has been successful in expanding the student numbers of other studios however in her own business student numbers weren't able to increase beyond a certain number. She has been trying to expand her business but at every turn there was resistance to change. She wanted to attract and maintain the people who want to be part of where Do Dance is heading. She also needed to get organized and stop procrastinating about all the things that needed to be done.

Renée Wrote

I had been trying to get the beginning of year mail out together for weeks and just couldn't get it organized and I had no motivation or enthusiasm for the oncoming year and all the work that it would bring.

Immediately after the business balances two things happened:

  • I was able to sit down and put all of the beginning of year mail out information together in one go. I also received the 2 emails (I had been waiting and was worried wouldn't that they wouldn't arrive in time) that made sure all the handouts and advertising could be completed in time.
  • I also received my first enquiry for the new year and have a new student doing both ballet and tap. I never get enquiries from people eager to start this early in the year.

Since the balance it has me excited as to what this year will bring for the business and myself.

I love the power of RAW – it's only just starting. Thank you

Jason - Business Owner

A Business Owner who was feeling frustrated and ready to give up on a business he has had for 8 years as there had been no work for a number of months. Everything he tried there was a block – even trying to co-ordinate a simple advertisement for the business was hard work.

Jason Wrote

I don't know how to explain it but there are feelings of being overwhelmed and having too much to do even with the smallest list.

Chris completed 3 Business Balances and when I woke the following morning I had a nice clean clear feeling about work and its progress. I received a phone call, the morning after the balance, wanting me to complete work for the Government. I get calls like this every 6 to 12 months, but hours after a business balance?

Things feel like they are flowing smoothly in all areas. Looks like I will get the job I spoke about on Monday afternoon and I received another request for a larger job for early next year.

These calls have been coming in gradually but continually ever since the business balance and it looks like the business will have an excellent 2011 to look forward to.

I believe it is very important to combine a business balance with a personal balance if you are very close to your work as I am.

Since the balance, not only has my work started to increase and flow smoothly, it has happened with little work from me to bring it in.

Not only has my business improved but also my personal life has exploded in an awesome way. I have met a wonderful lady and we get on like I have never got on with anyone before. We are both extremely compatible and want the same things.

Things are looking, feeling and flowing great in all areas of my life. I now no longer have to push and drive my business to where I want it.

Once you know what you want to manifest, and you have your issues or blocks cleared or balanced, the things that you want can't help but be attracted to you.

The flow feels great. I forgot what it was like."

If things are not flowing smoothly or you are feeling a bit off colour continually, I would highly recommend seeing Chris for a balance or remote balance. The business balances and 2 personal balances were done remotely, and they work, very well, life changing well. Happy Journey Jason

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