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Do you feel like you are repeating the same lessons over and over?
Would you like to feel settled in life?

When we have a problem that we have not been able to release we find ourselves repeating lessons and patterns that no longer serve a positive purpose. If we hold onto these issues we get stuck in a revolving pattern and find it difficult to do what we want to do and to be who we want to be. We often want to change but no matter how hard we try it just stays the same.

When issues are identified and released it can change the way we look at things. A different perspective allows you to come up with your own solutions. This automatically increases self belief. When you can truly believe in yourself you can achieve anything you want. New opportunities appear and life feels easier.

We all have our different ways of coping but sometimes our tried and tested methods just don’t seem to work effectively. We want to find a different way of doing things but our comfort zone kicks in and we end up doing what we have always done.

By identifying and releasing comfort zones that are no longer required it allows for freedom to live the way you want to be living. Comfort zones can be hard to break even if they are creating more problems. However to move forward we need to break out of our comfort zones and when we do we always learn something valuable.

Start the journey of connecting with yourself and experiencing the freedom that life has to offer. Contact us at or call Chris on 0423 607 047

1 Session at Balance Central provides access to life-saving clean water through B1G1

Single Session Testimonials

…… little did I expect small miracles to occur after my first session with Chris……I could feel my energy dispersing throughout my body, and immediately felt more at peace.….. Kirsty. CLICK HERE to read more.

…… I found my own clarity. Life had me so wound up that I had started to react instead of respond, now I am aware of how I am simply responding again and this makes my heart sing…… Helen. CLICK HERE to read more.

…… Chris's sessions have a way of uncovering these issues and releasing them allowing you to move forward. What I LOVE about RAW is you don't have to 'blah, blah, blah' on about your problems over multiple sessions which focus on any negative issues, in fact you don't have to talk AT ALL!.…. Liz. CLICK HERE to read more.

Read on for Full Versions

Kirsty Ennis

When Kirsty first contacted me I could only describe her as fragile and unsure of everything. To see her transform in such a short period of time has been phenomenal and I’m proud to have played a part in her evolution. Here is her story.

Kristy Wrote

At the start of the year, my life depicted anything but a fairy tale. I had reached my absolute bottom in every aspect of my life, and isolated myself from everyone, including my daughters. I didn’t know what to do, or how to rescue my soul from suicide. “It’ll get better in time”, “Go for walks and immerse yourself in nature”, “Good things happen to those who wait” they’d say!

I tried medication, yoga, kinesiology, exercise, meditating and seeing a psychologist, but nothing could stop my anxiety or the entwined vines of constant thoughts in my head. I had been out of work for almost 5 years, I detested where I lived, my entire being was a daily struggle, my daughters struggled to look up to me, and I was trying to move on from an abusive relationship of 9 years. Nothing made sense to me and I couldn’t see light from the darkness.

Very dear and loyal family members pointed me in the direction of seeing Chris from Balance Central.

Little did I know that to booking an appointment with Chris would my life change in ways I cannot explain. Also, little did I expect small miracles to occur after my first session with Chris and Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW).

RAW is something I had never heard of before, but by golly did it resonate with me and help me heal on the inside in small doses. I could feel my energy dispersing throughout my body, and immediately felt more at peace.

After my first session with Chris, I hopped into the car and got a phone call from my housing office to say my children and I were eligible to move into a beautiful home in a charming, community orientated suburb! This was the first of many ‘what the’ moments!

I had enrolled in a course that would enable me to gain employment, and was soon passing assignments with honours. I started regaining my confidence, and the words Chris spoke to me, really started hitting home, and made me feel that it was ok to just be me. After all, it was all about me!

After a couple of visits and a couple of chats with Chris, my negative energy was disintegrating at a steady pace. I gained so much insight and knowledge, and found myself challenging my old thought patterns into more uplifting thinking. It was literally a breath of fresh air to be me!

There is a little saying that reads, “You can’t change what’s on the outside, until you fix what’s on the inside first”.

After giving RAW a try, and meeting Chris, my entire being has changed beyond comprehension. I have never felt so grateful, blessed, happy or free in my entire life. I can’t explain it, I don’t fully understand it, but from my own personal experience, Chris is the only one who has truly helped me fight off the battles in my head that have been living rent free for many years!

In the 4 months after first seeing Chris, I am now an employed assistant nurse, living with my two beautiful children in a house we could have only dreamed of, and our house is full of laughter, music, fun and positive energy. I have been asked to be a guest motivational speaker at an event in front of 800 employees of a large company, and parts of my story have been published in the Courier Mail!

I am forever grateful to my amazing friend who took the time to take me to see Chris and to Chris for helping me become the person I am today. I am now decisive, intuitive, gratified, humbled and now the best role model I can be to both my children, and to myself.


A dynamic and inspired person, Helen came to me as she had noticed she was reacting to circumstances that she had always been able to handle in the past. She has never been one to worry about things and yet she was finding that a lot of little worries were turning into major events and she was reacting negatively. She wanted to get the positive back in all areas of her life.

Helen Wrote

Have you ever had moments of true clarity? After a Balance with Chris I found my own clarity. Life had me so wound up that I had started to react instead of respond, now I am aware of how I am simply responding again and this makes my heart sing. I also believe my hormones have balanced out so much that when a moment came upon me, I was able to identify it as hormones and push through easily, as the hormonal moment was only 10% instead of the 95% it has been. Thank You Chris for a truly wonderful session of balancing my life.

Davina - Pet Energy Therapy

A fellow practitioner who had just a couple of issues that would not budge. After identifying the underlining issues she has been able to change her perspective and the world around her has started to change. She is living in the world that she chooses.

Davina Wrote

When I first met Chris I was impressed by her zest for life and enthusiasm for what she does.I was aware of a couple of areas in my life that required balancing and a different perspective. So I booked a couple of sessions with Chris. After the first session I saw immediate change/results. Chris has a fantastic ability to follow the energy and clear what needs to be cleared. You are gifted Chris. Thank you so much for your help.

Katrina Drew - Brisbane Integrative Health

When Katrina came in for her session she explained to me that usually she was very focused and organized and able to handle things in her life. For some reason she was finding certain areas in her life were spinning out of her control and felt at a loss to understand why.

Katrina Wrote

I went to Chris not knowing what to expect, I really had no idea why I was going, I just knew I needed to see her. This type of treatment was foreign and I had no idea of what to expect. I kept an open mind. Chis explained how she works and what to expect. This was a great comfort. Everything which we worked through was so relevant and precise, issues which I hadn't even realised was an issue and this was affecting me in other ways. Even though I had dealt with some of them I realise now after the treatment, how deep seated they can be, breaking the cycle and letting it go has really worked.

I walked out of the treatment with Chris with so much courage, power and control over my life, it was extremely liberating. Thanks so much Chris, I now feel more confidant and less burdened. PS burning the paper at the end was an amazing feeling. 🙂

Richard Norris – SiteZero
Richard made an appointment at Balance Central because he wanted to know “How” the technique worked and felt the best way to do this was to come and experience it for himself.

This is his story.

Liz - Girl Gone Funny

Liz initially came to Balance Central and very honestly described her life in the following way. She had a good childhood, a happy marriage, enjoys her work and is contented in her world, the only thing she questioned was her life purpose. The second session she had identified that some physical problems had started to appear and she was curious to see what the emotional component might be. After working through some of the emotional blockages Liz felt her life start to fall into place, she described it as “Things seem to have gathered momentum and are moving forward and I've got a bit more energy to do things I just couldn't be bothered to do previously”.

Liz Wrote

For anyone considering a RAW session with Chris I would say 'DO IT!' For anyone not considering a session I would say 'WHY NOT?! DO IT!'

The thing that I like about the sessions are they WORK - I'm not 100% sure how, but a successful outcome is good enough for me. Everyone goes through life and encounters some 'issues' and some of those stay ingrained in our body at an emotional level even though our brain says 'we're over that. we're fine.' Unfortunately some of those issues can hold us back on your journey to achieving your goals. Chris's sessions have a way of uncovering these issues and releasing them allowing you to move forward. What I LOVE about RAW is you don't have to 'blah, blah, blah' on about your problems over multiple sessions which focus on any negative issues, in fact you don't have to talk AT ALL! For anyone who wants RESULTS I would absolutely recommend this. It's an easy, positive and fascinating experience that WORKS. I have recommended Chris to family members who have also had only positive experiences and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is wishing to move forward in their life and feel as if something is holding them back.

I love working with Chris, she is a lady who walks her talk and is just surrounded by so much positive energy. Her genuineness and sincerity shines through and she has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. I've loved working with Chris so far and am excited to see what future sessions uncover.


Sheree came to Balance Central with a healthy curiosity to see what it was all about. We were able to identify and release some of the issues she was having and then Sheree was able to get in touch with her intuition which has helped her take the steps she needed to take.

Sheree Wrote

Meeting Chris was like life lining up the right person at the right time. Struggling with a career change and financial pressures, I knew that whilst I was taking all the right actions, I was struggling to produce the results I wanted. I found myself full of doubt, lacking confidence, and confusion. When Chris said the work she did 'just makes life easier for people' I booked an appointment. The session was very interesting as I'd never experienced this before. However as it progressed I was amazed what opened up for me and the areas that were highlighted that were effectively sabotaging my intentions and ultimately my results.

After the balance, I left feeling lighter and happier than I had in a long time. The constant self-talk was quiet and there was a new energy or space to move forward in. Over the next few weeks my results at work were exceptional. In just 3 weeks I closed over $100,000 in gross commissions. It's also made a big difference to the relationships in my life as I'm calmer and more available to the people in my life. I continue to work with Chris as life is always changing and throwing things at me. It's a structure to ensure I stay on track and empowered to reach my goals.

Remote Balance Testimonial - Kati

Kati is in her early 20's and looking at where she wanted to go in life. She was feeling insecure and knew that she was taking things too personally. As Kati lives on a property we completed her session remotely and communicated via email. Kati has discovered a renewed belief in herself.

Kati Wrote

Obviously, after just one week I wasn't expecting any miracles, but I certainly have already noticed some changes. First off, I'm a lot calmer and not so anxious all the time, especially when I'm around other people. I'm also more aware of myself and of my moods/emotions. It's been a lot easier for me to communicate to people and also to NOT take things personally. This has been especially noticeable when talking to my parents. I've always had a little bit of a troubled relationship with my parents and until the "Balance" pointed out that they were controlling, I didn't even realize that's what it was. But talking to them recently has been good, especially because I didn't get angry or anything, I just realized that's how they are but it's not going to affect me - which meant that a simple conversation didn't end up in an argument. Once I hung up the phone I also just moved on and didn't constantly second-guess myself.

So to sum it up, I've been feeling a lot calmer and more centred, and hopefully my healing process will continue so that I can tell you about some even greater things happening in my life!

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