LAST Conference Brisbane

Energize and Enhance Your Impact

“I recently attended one of Chris’ workshops – delivered at the LAST Conference in Brisbane, 2018. Her content was extremely fundamental, delightfully human and delivered in a way that was relatable and digestible. Chris is a keen observer of human nature and has a powerful message about unlocking the potential that we have to improve the way that we communicate and collaborate with others. With a focus on identifying our own brick walls and taking the time to examine what we bring to situations that involve conflict or road blocks, Chris took us on a journey of reflection, whilst arming us with simple tools to aide in our human-to-human interactions. .”

Melissa Khim

“I attended Chris’ presentation at the LAST conference in Brisbane on the 27th Sept 2018.

Chris’ presentation style and ability to engage her audience resulted in an energising session for all who attended. Learning to identify your wall and how to overcome it is a great tool for any professional to have in their toolkit (and be reminded about). Nice work Chris! ”

Renae Craven

“Feel like I just slayed a dragon, my first IIBA Presentation done!! Chris Wildeboer your workshop activity last week definitely helped. Identified my wall, got feedback on how to go around it and ran my workshop tonight with the tips I got from my partner. Thanks to everyone who came out to the IIBA Brisbane event tonight. Hope you all had as much fun as I did developing your prototypes and working with your customers. I slept fine last night, I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight. On such a high right now from an amazing experience and incredible night. ”

Mike Starrs