Do Dance Academy

Reenergize Reengage Workshop

It is without a surprise to me that I am writing this testimonial with how amazing Chris is! I have done a lot of work over the years with Chris in lots of different aspects with her work at Balance Central, so I knew we would be treated to an organised, well presented, professional workshop. But when I first approached Chris to help my team to focus on our business goals for 2018, I had no idea the true impact it would have on myself as a business owner but also my team.

Our team comes with many different aspects, personalities, ages and backgrounds but yet by working with Chris we have worked out we are the perfect team together. We all felt so willing to share this experience with each other in a safe and caring environment so that the impact of our staff training has not only focused us for 2018 but also personally grown each one of us in our team. To have my staff messaging me after the meeting asking when we can do something like this again and how focused and excited they are for the new year is priceless for me!

My advice for anyone sitting on the fence about having Chris come and chat to their team... I say do it, you won’t regret the positive impact that it will have and the future and growth for your business with a powerful successful team - it is priceless. I know that I am so thankful for having Chris work with my team and am looking forward to our next steps forward.

Renée Thompson – Principle, Do Dance Academy