Clarity Sessions

Do you feel conflicted about what you SHOULD be doing?
Would you like clarity in the choices you have ahead of you?

We often find ourselves feeling a bit stuck in our comfort zone, doing the same things over and over – but expecting a different result. We do what we think we should and soon it becomes routine. We are used to the outcome and simply press the repeat button because it feels safe to continue to do what we always have. We are familiar with our own behaviour and the behaviours around us.

When we feel a push to break away from this routine we often want to know what is coming before we do anything. We want reassurance that this choice is going to work and that it will take us to the next level. We want to be assured that going outside our comfort zone will be beneficial and help us grow. When we receive confirmation that it’s the right step it’s easy to move forward and change – even when it is uncomfortable.

While we all know that to grow and expand we need to stretch beyond our comfort zone it often feels easier to stay part of the crowd, to conform to the ways things have always been. We feel inspired to change but when it comes down to it we question ourselves and the choices we are making. The doubt that appears is twofold, it is because we don’t know what the outcome will be and because we want to know that this choice is the one that will make the difference.

To break away from our comfort zone and gain clarity about what we need for ourselves we need self-realisation and a new perspective. By being in-tune with ourselves we can recognise the unique steps that we need to take and complete our lessons in life with much more ease. When we feel confident that we are taking the steps we need to take, our behaviours change and as a result we achieve new outcomes. To take these unique steps we need to be able to see from an external perspective to ensure clarity and right direction. We all need someone else to help identify areas that we cannot see for ourselves and when we allow others in, our world opens up, and the road ahead becomes clearer. With this new clarity it becomes immediately easier to make the choices that are the best for us.

A Clarity Session gives insight into your immediate situation while also affirming your choices for your future. A Clarity session gives you a strong sense of knowingness.

To experience a personalised Clarity Session contact us at or call Chris on 0423 607 047.

1 Clarity Session at Balance Central provides bricks to build classrooms
to support education through B1G1

Clarity Session Testimonials

Sue Lester

As the keynote speaker at a Women Network Australia brunch I offered the gift of a Clarity Session and Sue quickly signed up as she felt there was a piece of clarity missing in her business.

Sue Wrote

I’m so pleased I accepted Chris Wildeboer’s speaker gift “Clarity Session” from the Women’s Network Australia North Lakes event last week. I said yes as I know Chris processes differently so could prod parts I don’t normally use. I’ve done energy work with her in the past but hadn’t experienced her working this way. And today with Chris I received another piece of clarity I’ve been seeking. Happy day and feeling thankful.

Sue Lester, Speaker

Stephanie McGuffog

I presented my Personal Blindspots Keynote/Workshop at Women’s Time Out Network and Stephanie signed up straight away. She recognised that she was uncomfortable in her current circumstances and wanted to gain insight into what would be the next best move to make.

Stephanie Wrote

Hi Chris. Thank you, thank you, thank you for our clarity session today.

Everything I have been processing over the last few days has been given clarity and direction through our session, Very powerful! I feel such a sense of relief and feel like I am really discovering who I am and my purpose in life!

Cheers Stephanie xx

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