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Chapter 7 Better Business Better Life Better World

Thirty-four extraordinary entrepreneurs, business thinkers and philanthropists from around the world share the key advice they give to their grandchildren to help them build better businesses, enjoy better lives and make the world a better place.

It’s advice really that is worth getting, because between them they have:

  • Advised governments
  • Served customers ranging from one man band start-ups to Fortune 500 companies
  • Won national and international awards and acclaim
  • Written 38 other books
  • Been featured by Forbes, Inc, The New York Times, CNN and the BBC.

And in this book they give you:

  • The most important business, life and world lessons there are to learn – lessons that have taken 34 extraordinary people 34 lifetimes to learn
  • The insights that will make things better for you, your family and everyone
  • The shortcuts that make it easier – and the pitfalls to avoid.

This Book Automatically Changes Lives

When you read this book the life of at least one person in need somewhere in the world will automatically be made a little bit better.

That difference will be funded by the authors, and delivered automatically on your behalf via the B1G1: Business For Good movement that inspired this book.

And that is only the start … because by acting on the practical ideas in this book you will also make an even more positive difference to your business, to your life and to the world.


‘A powerful masterpiece. Could easily rival some of the great management books of our time.’Mark Lloydbottom – Author, international speaker and creator of IMPACT for Accountants

‘A truly beautiful book!’Derek Williams – Creator of ‘The WOW! Awards’, international speaker, and author of ‘Wow! That’s what I call service’

‘A book that I feel really does have the power to change millions of lives.’Andrew Griffiths – International bestselling author of 12 books, speaker and global mentor 

‘A beautifully profound book capturing wisdom that you’d have to live many lifetimes to acquire. Thoroughly absorbing to read and life changing in its content.’Rob Brown – Author of ‘Build your reputation’ and CEO of The Networking Coaching Academy

‘Incredible life-changing wisdom.’Tamika Hilder – Founder of ‘Path of The Goddess’, and one of the world’s leading voices on personal development and consciousness –