Break Free… from your Ball and Chain

Break Free from your Ball and Chain – a collaboration with Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis. An evening of networking nibbles and inspiration to help break free from ….your blind spots… your business to have a life…. You doing it all which drags you down.

Chris Wildeboer presented Personal Blind spots looking at.

• Differences between Introverts and Extroverts
• Recognising strengths within yourself and within others
• Identifying Resistance and
• Identifying Your Self Talk

Jo Hassan ( presented Vibrant Business, Vibrant Life - sacking business owners and turning them into business developers

Sally Foley-Lewis ( presented The Big 3 - how to manage people and be productive.

“I have previously worked with Chris and have heard Jo speak on a number of occasions.

Chris Wildeboer – Chris works in an area that is difficult to articulate, but put simply, she helps you overcome obstacles that occur in life, that you can’t seem to see around. As a business person this could be a mental block that is stopping you from achieving what you are trying to achieve in business or in life. Spend some time with Chris and you will be amazed how you can find your way around these obstacles.

Jo Hassan – Jo on the other hand is completely practical. Through her system of red, yellow and green days she helps you find efficiencies in your business by developing systems and procedures, giving you back life, time and perspective, freeing you to be more creative and get on with building your business.

Sally Foley-Lewis – This is the first time that I have heard Sally speak. Whilst she is not only an engaging presenter, she does really know her stuff around leadership and managing people. If you do get the opportunity to attend one of her presentations, it will be a great use of your time.”

Andrew Lyon FCPA – Dialogue Financial Management Pty Ltd 

“Three vibrant women each sharing some pearls of wisdom. While each delivered different message, the presentation and event flowed seamlessly.”

Jenny Delgado 

“A holistic approach to healing your business and gaining some balance back into your life. Three very experienced women who are generous with their time and experience.”

Rae Marsten 

“I can highly recommend to you, if you’re considering going to hear any or all three of these successful business women speak, to do whatever it takes to get yourself along. When Balance Central – Chris Wildeboer, Red Day Coaching – Jo Hassan and Management Success – Sally Foley-Lewis spoke at the Break Free event – 3 so different business presentations yet fitted all together like a glove. There was plenty of laughter and thought provoking to move yourself or your business forward.”

Tim Dwyer 

“Just wanted to say a big thank you to three amazing ladies Chris Wildeboer, Jo Hassan and Sally Foley-Lewis for a great presentation at Quest on Playfield. I must admit I did not know what to expect but I did learn a lot and will make changes to achieve success. Congratulations and if you could get more businesses to come attend future sessions it is a win win for everyone….. thanks ladies”

Maureen Cuskelly – Michael Hill Jeweller Chermside