PMI Qld Chapter Event & AGMLAST Conference Brisbane

The Must-Have Soft & Hard Skills for Project Managers of the Future Workshop – Exceed Your Targets and Panel Discussion

As I mentioned I really enjoyed your presentation and your stuck on the mountain story from personal previous experience. And I was particularly impressed with the life lessons you gained from that and how you reminded us of them mid-presentation.”

Andrew Broughton

“At last night’s PMIQ chapter event, Chris Wildeboer, founder of Balance Central, presented an engaging and dynamic workshop on skills required for Project Managers of the future. A journey to understand, “Who we really are?” and thereby help us to enhance our interpersonal interactions. A key takeaway message was that, “When you hit a brickwall, be it in your professional or personal lives; do not fool yourself into thinking that you can overcome that brickwall on-your-own/unassisted”. Instead, Chris encouraged everyone to reach out, help and support each other during difficult times, as it will increase our chances of overcoming that adversity/brickwall.”

Monica D’Souza

“A perfect event for networking and opening up new doors. You will be amazing Project Managers and Leaders…. Also it was wonderful to see Chris Wildeboer educating us with perspective profiling and getting over the brick wall! An amazing event, looking forward to the next one.”

Tui Gabriel

“Engaging, amazing, interesting and sublime experience with Chris. Personally, I really enjoy her speech and chatting with her about her job and all the challenges that leaders will face in the close future. Thank you, Chris.”

Jose Asunción Silva Vasquez, PMP

"It was a well executed speech with lots of valuable info. Well done!!”

Antonio Leanage

"With the main topic about The Must Have Soft & Hard Skills for Project Managers of the Future. It was a great time where the speaker Chris Wildeboer presented beautifully how we should have to identify and understand the personalities and different people that surround us to establish an effective communication, and as well, the importance to be prepared to deal with the consequences of our choices. "

Bruno Danello