Winning Women in Agile

Workshop - Unpacking Your Talents

  • Looking at the differences we all have
  • Learning ways to spot the different strengths that other people bring to the table
  • Look at work scenarios and find solutions that can be implemented directly into a team environment

“It was with great anticipation that we had Chris Wildeboer present at our May Winning Women in Agile event. As much as this group is specifically tailored for our members to learn and grow in relation to Agile – Chris offered to share her ideas about Inclusion in the Workplace with her presentation Unpacking Your Talents. Chris got us out of our comfort zones through group and individual activities to help us to understand how we can work better with others if we understand and accept their perspectives based on what drives them. Chris also gave us great tips for our communication ‘kitbags’ about the type of questions we could ask each of the 4 main personality profiles across the introvert/extrovert scale so we could understand them and ourselves better through different lens. An absolute treat. Thank you Chris.”

Susan Akers

co-founder of Winning Women In Agile

“…an insightful & empowering session. Chris Wildeboer took our group on a journey to connect with our innate desires…who we are at our very core….our core personalities. To then identifying & therefore tailoring our engagement process with others…”

Monica D’Souza

Project Manager

“Thanks Chris Wildeboer, it was an absolute pleasure having you present last night, thoroughly enjoyed & very insightful!… :)”

judy parker