Self Nourishment Program

Would you like to get off the treadmill of ongoing issues?

Would you like to clear these issues and become more focused?

When you choose self-improvement the clearing away of issues can feel like it will take forever.

Just as you deal with one issue something else seems to come to the surface and takes you by surprise. This can lead to frustration and the feeling that things are just never going to change. When we choose change in ourselves we want all of the issues to be dealt with now.

By setting the intention to prioritise yourself over a focused period of time, changes automatically happen.

When we establish a consistent pattern of clearing our issues, our life finds evenness, our thinking becomes clearer and our ability to cope with the ups and downs of everyday life improves.

Everyone has ups and downs and we all experience a variety of emotions in our day to day life.

We can be swept away with the distractions, the emotions and the obligations that we have collected in our life. We can decide we want to be different but find it difficult to stick to new ways of existing in our world.

By committing to ongoing support you get to stay focused on what is important in your life.

When you choose to have your issues cleared regularly it leads to the change you are looking for in your life.

Liz Coffey

Having the Self Nourishment balances assisted me greatly with my recent surgery. The ability for healing prior and post surgery allowed my central focus of physical and emotional healing to be supported when I needed it most

Each step of your Self Nourishment Program offers you personalised ongoing support and is tailored to your intentions, your goals and your life.
We offer support while you get on with your life.

What's Included In The Program?

Your Self Nourishment Program includes:

  • 1 Main Session – Once we have clarified the issues you wish to focus on we offer either a Face to Face or a Virtual Session allowing you to choose what works best for you in your life.
  • 3 Top Up Sessions completed remotely – The priority process will be chosen based on the issues you want to have balanced
  • Personalised timing of your sessions - completed anywhere from 6 to 9 months giving you individual time to process each session
  • Affirmations – will be corrected in your system energetically and then sent through to you for you to use as a mantra
  • Check-in Phone Calls to ensure you get to work on the real issues that are being revealed in your system
  • Ongoing phone support throughout the length of your Self Nourishment Program
Purchasing one Self Nourishment Program provides nourishing breakfasts through B1G1

What People Say ....

 Pam Crane - FIFO Love

Doing the Self Nourishment Program has allowed me to shift what has been stopping me from making choices in life and has given me freedom to make decisions that has moved my life forward in a positive fun way, crazy part is how quick and easy it was, within 2 weeks ... Exciting times ahead … thanks to Chris.

My life Rocks Now, THANKS to Chris from Balance Central.

 Louise Williams

When I started working with Chris Wildeboer and realising that her process was so much more about awakening the intuition within myself, so I could help myself ... well ... I was hooked

5 Foundations of Self Nourishment


Tailored to your life which allows your issues to be realised at the time they appear to you. This gives you the freedom to move through your issues with ease.


A space for you to be heard so that the real issues can be identified and released.


Time and perspective allowing you to gain clarification and pay attention to what you want to focus on allowing for clarity across all areas of your life.


Regular conversations which track your progress giving you a greater capacity to identify and deal with issues before they become overwhelming problems

Self Awareness

Understanding and perspective giving you a greater ability to recognise the warning signs so that when life throws a curve ball you feel strong, centred and able to face whatever life throws your way.

What People Say ....

 Shirley Farrell 

By the time we started on the Self Nourishment, I felt like a bit of a train wreck ... The Self Nourishment was not only welcome it really set me back on my path of strength and confidence

Renee Rablin 

This program has helped me stay on top of everything before the world is on top of me

All of these aspects allow you to be the
best version of you everyday

What People Say ....

 Kirsty Ennis 

[This program] is Soul Nourishing, its keeping me in check, its a safety net for my Soul, and its nutrition for my Being. I feel like a clean slate when I walk out of Chris's office, and I feel I have left all the drama and crap that was troubling me, behind.

Pieta McGilvray 

This program, did not just save my life, it transformed and cleared the blocks, to allow my healing. Coming to terms with my past, while transitioning through enormous change to cope, becoming empowered, to know, I am close, to achieving a lifelong dream.

The Self Nourishment Program includes 4 sessions and support throughout the length of your program

What People Say ....

 Liz Coffey JP (Qual)

Raw balances has been part of my life for 15 years. Having the Self Nourishment balances assisted me greatly with my recent surgery. The ability for healing prior and post surgery allowed my central focus of physical and emotional healing to be supported when I needed it most.

Louise Williams - Emotive Images 

Having Chris from Balance Central and a few other significant people in my corner, focusing me and keeping my energies grounded, I can walk into this surgery next week with much less apprehension, and a more positive view on the outcome, however it will play out.

Jinita Sharma - HR Call Centre

Throughout my Self Nourishment journey with Chris, they were some very interesting reveals, which allowed me to take on responsibilities and do things that I never thought I would ever do!

Shirley Farrell - HR Management Services 

The Self Nourishment was not only welcome it really set me back on my path of strength and confidence. Some very interesting “stuff” came up and once it was cleared I felt totally back on track – no more derailments and it also brought a greater conscious awareness of managing what I would describe as negative impact personalities.

That is the beauty of this program – creating an appointment with myself to notice! I will be able to take this new habit and check in with myself the night before our ‘check in’ even when I am not working with Chris.

Renée Thompson - DoDance Academy 

Nourishment program... Life altering!!! I've been down and out before we started all this. Felt like I was just barely just treading water and now I'm up beat and happy and feel like I'm back-stroking chilling and floating on water. I even catch myself smiling and I don't know why.

Tania Jones

I was in a very low place before I did the Self Nourishment Program. It came along at just the right moment, thank goodness for Divine Timing.

I am in such a different place now since doing the program, and in just 4 weeks I feel clearer about life, I have more perspective and it's easier for me to create more balance in my life now as mother of a small child. I am able to look ahead and plan with positivity. I feel happier in all ways.

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