Amma and I attended the same workshop and during the workshop she was having trouble communicating and breathing at the same time. On the last evening of our time in Sydney Amma was curious if RAW could help her breath normally again. We completed a balance and she felt settled immediately.

Amma Wrote

I just wanted to thank you for 'coming to my rescue' on the last night of the workshop when I was so obviously experiencing something 'weird' while simply trying to communicate and breath at the same time!

When I first met you I remember being genuinely affirming of your work when first learning of what you do through your business "Balance Central", but in my mind I ignorantly (and arrogantly!) thought to myself "but I'll never need that".

I have for many years now, secretly prided myself in being self-sufficient and being able to figure out my own 'blockages', and as a rule do not seek out others for help. But on the first day I was having trouble communicating and articulating anything of any substance and instead a whole stream of 'garble' came tumbling out of me. It was quite distressing for me. And each day when I took myself back to my room I was seemingly incapable of breathing slowly and deeply to calm myself down. So on the last night when my problem became so obviously 'out of control' – there you were. So between gasps and a whole stream of words I asked if you had any suggestions how I could overcome what was happening to me, and you kindly said "yes, I'll work with you now if you like".

Whilst I didn't let on at the time, I have to admit, that I was a little skeptical that your work would do any good for me, but I was desperate, and so I easily surrendered to the process. Within 15 minutes of you 'working your magic' I began breathing slowly and deeply, and when I next spoke, each word was spoken with care and deliberation and calm, as well as with a high regard for the power of the spoken word. Upon the session finishing I became a composed observer of my higher-self instead of my small-self having an absolute downward spiraling grip on me.

You helped to stimulate a transforming healing energy and I thank you most sincerely Chris for being there for me and doing what you do.