Anne originally completed the Balances for Business in February 2011 and has continued to receive follow up balances. Over this time Anne’s Business has been through a name change, a change in focus and a change in direction. Anne has kindly made an addition to her original testimonial.

Anne Wrote

You know how sometimes you just hook up with someone, over a coffee, not too sure what you're going to chat about, but the universe has put you together for a reason!? Well that happened with Chris and I. She suggested a coffee, I thought, what a great idea and before you know it I'd decided I wanted a business balance. My gut told me it was right. Without going into details, I must admit my business could have done with a serious cash injection and an improved attitude of abundance. I went along with Chris's schedule of 4 balances - 2 remote balances, 1 face-to-face balance and 1 alignment balance at her practice and hoped for the best. After the first two I didn't notice anything dramatic but during the week following the last session I was starting to think 'oh my God, what on earth did she do?'!!!

I documented my observations during only the first 10 days following my time with Chris and here's what I noticed. Bewildered with the level of success and positive manifestation is an understatement:

  • An entire week of back to back appointments in the style side of my business. That's NEVER happened before. One or two a week is usually considered good.
  • 3 people approached me about the health and wellness side of the business wanting product or business information where normally I feel I need to do the approaching
    My negative attitude and fear of rejection with the networking side has totally and unequivocally lifted. I noticed this when I had to pick up the phone for a normally difficult conversation, I felt positive and fabulous. When I hung up all I could think of was 'what just happened????'
  • We've had amazing sales success at one of our skincare gatherings with only 2 guests at the table. The results were mindblowing.
  • The ideas of fun, positive ways to build my Usana business are flooding out of my head whereas not that long ago I was questioning whether it was the right path for me.
  • A makeup class with just one person was followed by a $500 makeup order and another class booking
  • I had a few clear out items on ebay – normally stuff doesn't sell too well, this time it all went at a great price – ALL of it!

And finally I simply couldn't resist a pair of very expensive high fashion frames (specs). Normally I would get worried about how I'd pay for it, pay it off slowly or be fearful about how I'd explain it to my accountant husband. But this time I manifested the cash to cover it totally without a worry in the world. Believe me, no one is more surprised than me.

Holy Moly woman, what on earth did you do!!! And that's only in 10 days!!!!! I'm totally totally bewildered in a positive way because I've spent money on all sorts of seminars and coaching and no one ever ever has created this kind of result with my business and quite possibly my attitude toward it. And now I want to make sure it stays!!! Would I recommend Chris's balances to others?? Hell yeah but not if makes her too busy for ME!

Business update. When I first came to see Chris, I was in a state of indecision as to which way I was taking the business. I had two main streams, and wasn’t sure how to merge them or which stream was to get the most focus and attention. After the first visit, much of that foggy uncertainty literally blew away and the surge of excitement and a real lift was noticeable in the business. It was beyond fabulous. I’ve had 2 ‘top up’ visits since the original Balances for Business and the complete change in the business has totally knocked my socks off and has been completely unexpected.

I’ve gone from cloudy to laser focus and now am excited to dive into my business and play every single day. I keep saying ‘I’ve no idea what you did, but the noticeable change straight after my appointment was undeniable.’ My business has literally doubled in size. And is showing signs of mega growth next year once current foundations take root!!

Anne - Business Woman