A mum who was stressed about her adult son's choices and behavior. She felt that she needed to fix him and she was being torn apart from the inside. She finally recognized that this could no longer go on and was ready to let go of what she could not control. She now recognizes her own personal power and has gained control of her responses.

Belinda Wrote

Since my appointment with you, I have noticed a considerable change, a change for the better there is no doubting that. I am less stressed, go with the flow and things that would bother me no longer do. I sleep better and wake relaxed and feel I am much more in control of the things that once bothered me so very much. I have gained power somehow and the strength to handle situations where otherwise I would have been left powerless, sometimes speechless. I am grateful of the change.

When I left our session, the song on the radio was "you are amazing.....just the way you are" - I rarely listen to the words of songs, this time I heard the words, and now, each day I remember them - I am amazing - just the way I am xx

Thank you again, for helping make my life calm, allowing me to find strength and with these changes, allowing me to carry on with life as it should be, looking forward to happier times.