Cheryl Goodenough

Cheryl came to Balance Central for two primary reasons. Firstly, she had offered to write an article for Weekend Notes (a website of fun and interesting things to do) and felt she really needed to experience Balance Central in person. Secondly, there were some personal issues that were getting in her way, but were not necessarily prominent. When Cheryl wrote the article for Balance Central it was so well described that I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

Cheryl Wrote:

The full version of the Weekend Notes article

I visited Chris at her room in Boondall. It's a quiet, private place with a serene atmosphere. We chatted initially about what had brought me to Balance Central, and then we began the process. She started by very lightly (almost unnoticeably) touching access points on my arms, legs and tummy area. After that I essentially sat back and listened, apart from occasionally looking at cards on which symbols were printed. There was certainly nothing scary or invasive about the process.

Chris does the muscle testing and during the process identifies various aspects from a large number of lists of information. As she read out specific information from the files during my balancing, I experienced a number of 'ah-ha' moments. I knew the relevance of many of the aspects that were identified, either immediately or subsequently during the balancing process.

When I left Balance Central I had a sense of some of the main things that had come up, but, as there was quite a lot of information, some aspects were a bit vague in my memory. Unlike many other processes, I did not leave with a list of things that had come up or that I needed to work on or deal with. I found that aspect a little disconcerting at first – I had been through the process, and now felt like I had to sit back and wait for something to happen! That is because the essence of RAW is that the energy blockages are rebalanced during the consultation.

So what did happen? Well, initially nothing. Then there were some almost imperceptible things I started to notice, and that I couldn't attribute to anything else. Over a couple of weeks there were some changes in my relationships with others and my reactions to situations were different to what they had been previously. Ten days after my consultation I had a conversation with someone that was so different in the way we both spoke to one another than many of those that we've had for months.