Deborah Jackson

Deborah has always done everything she possibly can for everyone else for many years. Over the last 18 months her physical body has been reminding her to slow down and pay attention. While she has been paying attention by resting her physical symptoms have continued to persist. She had reached a point where she wanted to find a way to get on with her life. We worked on the 2 things she had consciously identified as the keys and below is her experience.

Deborah Wrote

Well... what can I say... OMG!

Chris, I didn't realise how much emotional blockage I was holding from the past. I didn't realise how much my 'life experiences' being good or bad were causing my pain, my sickness and holding me back.

With just one 'RAW' session with you I woke this morning feeling amazing... I was singing! Even my partner noticed that I wasn't coughing... it was like my sickness had completely disappeared overnight. It was like my emotional pain, that I hadn't realised was restricting me so much, had vanished. I knew that my chest infection was attached to the heart. With the 'RAW' session you helped me to clear the blockage, my cough and my heart.

Chris I would highly recommend you and the 'RAW' session to any person that has lived life... because as people we experience so much in our life and therefore we never know what we hold and what we release... I now believe that everyone should be cleansed. Being cleansed allows the 'real' person, their 'real' passion and their 'real' purpose in life to shine through. If anyone wants to talk to me about what you achieved for me... please give them my details.

Thank you very much.

Deborah Jackson