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Gay had identified a specific pattern of behavior and negative reactions that she recognized in herself and felt it was getting in the way of her doing what she wanted to do. Gay also identified 3 other people who triggered this behavior and reaction. We completed an "Energies as One" balance to release the unhealthy connections between so that the triggers would no longer be in place

Gay Wrote

Chris completed an Energies as One Balance a couple of weeks ago where we worked on an ongoing irritation I experience, randomly initiated by 3 individuals: 2 from my family unit and one in my professional network.

The balance was interesting as some of the physical and emotional characteristics that arose for healing were also echoed by us all. It was a lovely relaxing experience and I left feeling quite calm and clear with the irritation feeling very distant.

That night I had a very strong dream that could have replayed the past life initiation of the difficulties and had a strong but very manageable emotional release. Since then I have not experienced any of the initial irritation despite challenges.

Working with energy, as I do, I know changes can be subtle but are always profound. Experiencing a release such as I did and the resulting lack of irritation I feel confident that the issue is resolved. Not only have I had a shift in consciousness but the other 3 involved will also benefit vicariously. The process was respectful and did not cross any boundaries or compromise their individuated personalities in any way. Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to another RAW session soon. 

Gay Landeta - Create