Janette Colleen

Janette called me one day and was extremely keen to come and get things “sorted out”. Below is her comments after one session at Balance Central.

Janette Wrote

I want to ask you the following questions. How many of us act against our greater passion? How many of us out there are self-sabotaging? I can say, that soon after a session with the beautiful Chris, I have recognised and peacefully acted on my attraction to the 'emotionally unavailable man' (I so would have made the biggest mistake ever) and while I write this testimonial my life is changing into what I crave it to be. All my acts of self sabotage are disappearing... if you have a friend who wakes up every morning and dislikes her or himself and asks why do I do this time after time? Talk to Chris. Another thing, and the biggest achievement ever, I am ready to reconcile with my baby boy, who turns 20 on Saturday.

This is such a liberating experience.... feeling at one with my body and spirit, mainly just loving and appreciating who I am, it's not about changing me, it's about changing my attitude towards me, and it's about allowing myself to be who I truly authentically am, this isn't about changing your personality, it's about helping with your thought process, actions, and self-acceptance, with love and grace.

It's like a wall has been removed... nothing goes from black to white immediately, the positive changes within myself over the last 7 days have been nothing short of amazing, don’t get me wrong, I am always going to be a ratbag... but now I may make a few better choices along the way.
And NOW... it has been over a month. The changes have been gradual, and natural. There is a lot of anxiety I would carry inside of me, and I wasn’t even fully aware of it, until it started to disappear. I am no longer 'forcing' relationships/friendships, but am now able to relax and understand that some things are out of my control. Probably one of the many amazing things that have happened is my continual voice of judgement and self-criticism has quietened. And, if I do find myself self-criticising, I can look at it logically, and make a calm decision about whether I need to address the issue, or whether something or someone else is influencing my thoughts. It's easy, it doesn't have to be complicated, you don’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror over-analyzing and revving yourself up. Just do it, it's that easy. The continual positive changes are amazing, and seeing the self-sabotage behaviours of the past slowly disappear is more than amazing. I would absolutely 100% recommend Chris and Balance Central to anyone, especially if you feel like you are in a continual internal struggle. It has DEFINITELY made me a nicer person to live with, for me 🙂 Thank you Chris you have changed my life, definitely for the better.

Janette Colleen