Jinita Sharma

Jinita had completed some work with me through another program (Balances for Business) and had seen some results so she wanted to experience this work personally. There wasn't anything in particular that was wrong in her world however when we completed the work it became obvious that some of her issues and circumstances from her past were still affecting her. This is her experience:

Jinita Wrote

After completing the business balance, Chris told me about the Self Nourishment Program. Self Nourishment Program just like its name it was too good to refuse. I had no major issues that were currently happening in my life. I did the Self Nourishment Program just to clean my energy and tidy any loose ends together. Since everything was going just like I wanted in my life, I thought to myself if I were to change anything, what would it be. Surprisingly I came up with a few things. Throughout my Self Nourishment journey with Chris, they were some very interesting reveals, which allowed me to take on responsibilities and do things that I never thought I would ever do!

Chris throughout the whole process was wonderful to deal with. She was very informative, as I always had a lot of questions to ask. She was a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed the follow up/top up calls. She called when she said she would and was very flexible and worked around me! Thanks for all your help Chris.

Jinita Sharma - HR Call Centre