Katrina Drew

When Katrina came in for her session she explained to me that usually she was very focused and organized and able to handle things in her life. For some reason she was finding certain areas in her life were spinning out of her control and felt at a loss to understand why.

Katrina Wrote

I went to Chris not knowing what to expect, I really had no idea why I was going, I just knew I needed to see her. This type of treatment was foreign and I had no idea of what to expect. I kept an open mind. Chis explained how she works and what to expect. This was a great comfort. Everything which we worked through was so relevant and precise, issues which I hadn't even realised was an issue and this was affecting me in other ways. Even though I had dealt with some of them I realise now after the treatment, how deep seated they can be, breaking the cycle and letting it go has really worked.

I walked out of the treatment with Chris with so much courage, power and control over my life, it was extremely liberating. Thanks so much Chris, I now feel more confidant and less burdened. PS burning the paper at the end was an amazing feeling.

Katrina DreW