Kelly runs a successful business and now is embarking on a new chapter of her life – having a family! She originally came to Balance Central to get more connected to her intuition and 6 months later to find clarity in her decisions. Kelly discovered her natural ability to follow her intuition and feels at peace with her decisions.

Kelly Wrote

Words can't describe how much more peaceful, relaxed and at ease I was after seeing you Tuesday Chris, thank you so much again for making the time to see me. And Adam, I think was even more grateful!

I know how much you love what you do and what you are able to do for people through RAW, I just want to acknowledge you for following your passion and dream and for freeing people the way you do. It is truly inspiring and you probably don't even realise how much of a ripple effect you are causing in every single moment. I've been able to make some big decisions these last few days that have been looming about for months and I know that I was only able to do this because I was able to clearly follow my intuition after seeing you.

It's the same as 6 months ago after my first session - everything just started slotting into place. I have had the most challenging and amazing year Chris, and am about to embark on the adventure of my lifetime. I am strong in so many areas and I just know that my ongoing peace and power will come through working with the special people I have 'collected' on my way – people like you.