Kirsty Ennis

As Kirsty continues to live her life it is amazing to see the transformation and awareness that she gains from becoming more in tune with herself and her choices. Here is Kirsty’s experience of the Self Nourishment Program

Kristy Wrote

Those who know me well, know I wear my heart on my sleeve, I take things personally, I'm my own worse enemy, and I'm a 'YES' person, meaning I don't know how to say no! No one knows this better, other than Chris from Balance Central! I have been a right little monkey the last couple of weeks, to the point I wanted to escape myself, my mouth, and my emotions! The dumbest thing of all, is that I have learnt the skills to avoid such tantrums, but I just didn't take any notice, I just sat on the couch crying and playing games on my phone!

If you are a person who feeds on energy and you are at conflict with yourself or others, and you are at your wits ends on finding a solution or are playing a victim role (like me!), then give Chris a call. Chris is one of my favourite people of all time. She is the ONLY one to tell me to pull my head in and get over it, without me taking offense! She will get beneath the emotion and find out what is really going on for you. I have been seeing Chris for over a year now, and my Soul and Being have been awakened to a point I didn't think was possible. I have overcome the emotional and spiritual damage I have put myself through.

From Balance Central, stems Self Nourishment. This is the program I am on, and it is Soul Nourishing, its keeping me in check, its a safety net for my Soul, and its nutrition for my Being. I feel like a clean slate when I walk out of Chris's office, and I feel I have left all the drama and crap that was troubling me, behind. Some people may think I'm off with the fairies, but Rekindled Ancient Wisdom is my saviour. Have a look and read some of the testimonials to see if it is what you are looking for. I have tried Kinesiology, Yoga, Councillors and Psychologists to help me with life, but I've found Balance Central to teach me the way of the living.

Kirsty Ennis