Liz Deanna

Liz initially came to Balance Central and very honestly described her life in the following way. She had a good childhood, a happy marriage, enjoys her work and is contented in her world, the only thing she questioned was her life purpose. The second session she had identified that some physical problems had started to appear and she was curious to see what the emotional component might be. After working through some of the emotional blockages Liz felt her life start to fall into place, she described it as “Things seem to have gathered momentum and are moving forward and I've got a bit more energy to do things I just couldn't be bothered to do previously”.

Liz Wrote

For anyone considering a RAW session with Chris I would say 'DO IT!' For anyone not considering a session I would say 'WHY NOT?! DO IT!'

The thing that I like about the sessions are they WORK - I'm not 100% sure how, but a successful outcome is good enough for me. Everyone goes through life and encounters some 'issues' and some of those stay ingrained in our body at an emotional level even though our brain says 'we're over that. we're fine.' Unfortunately some of those issues can hold us back on your journey to achieving your goals. Chris's sessions have a way of uncovering these issues and releasing them allowing you to move forward. What I LOVE about RAW is you don't have to 'blah, blah, blah' on about your problems over multiple sessions which focus on any negative issues, in fact you don't have to talk AT ALL! For anyone who wants RESULTS I would absolutely recommend this. It's an easy, positive and fascinating experience that WORKS. I have recommended Chris to family members who have also had only positive experiences and will continue to recommend her to anyone who is wishing to move forward in their life and feel as if something is holding them back.

I love working with Chris, she is a lady who walks her talk and is just surrounded by so much positive energy. Her genuineness and sincerity shines through and she has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. I've loved working with Chris so far and am excited to see what future sessions uncover.

Liz Deanna