Louise D’Allura

Louise (The Revamp Experience & Meal Planning Your Way) is a very motivated person both professionally and personally. Recently though she found herself feeling overwhelmed in both her professional and personal life. Louise chose to complete her Self Nourishment over 4 weeks and had some amazing results along the way.

Louise Wrote

I’ve recently completed the Self Nourishment program at a time when life was particularly challenging. What was fantastic about the experience – which I didn’t realise at the time - was I was being taught to establish some new habits for myself. Having Chris spend a month in my life through our weekly call helped me to check in and notice what was going on for myself and where I was getting stuck.

As a fan of RAW, I have done the circuit - business balance, personal balance and Intro to RAW, but what this program did differently was create some new rituals. Without realizing it I was being guided to create a ritualized habit of checking in so by the fourth week I was checking in on myself the night before our session – “what was going ok” and “what was not going OK” and perhaps “what I needed to shift”.

When you’re constantly on the go and focused on the next thing on your to do list, it is great to be asked every week – “right, what have you noticed?” This helped me enormously to be present in my week because I knew it was almost like there was a test coming! I had to ask - was I present enough in my week to notice the subtle improvements week to week?

That is the beauty of this program – creating an appointment with myself to notice! I will be able to take this new habit and check in with myself the night before our ‘check in’ even when I am not working with Chris.

Thank you Chris – this really is a program that delivers self nourishment.