Louise Williams

Louise first came to Balance Central to look at her Business and how she was functioning in her business. From there we also focused on her personal energy and within just a few months her focus and perspective shifted allowing her to prioritise what is really important in her personal life and her business life.

Louise Wrote

I am so grateful for Chris Wildeboer who came into my life over the past year. We have walked in the same circles together for a while, but it was in the last 6 months that I have actively engaged in working together with her to balance out my business and personal energy.

I entered the process with some hesitation, as I have always been a seeker of improving things for myself, and most things I have come across have not really made much impact in my life. I was looking for something that spoke to the intuition within myself, and raised my own awareness, rather than being 'talked at' by yet another person.

My previous profession as a Psychologist never really put me in a great position to be 'talked at' so to speak. So when I started working with Chris Wildeboer and realising that her process was so much more about awakening the intuition within myself, so I could help myself....well....I was hooked.... It has been a little over 6 months since we started this journey together, and I have SO much to be grateful for. There are so many positive changes happening in Emotive Images for the next year, I feel so much joy about where my business is headed.

Having Chris from Balance Central and a few other significant people in my corner, focusing me and keeping my energies grounded, I can walk into this surgery next week with much less apprehension, and a more positive view on the outcome, however it will play out. So grateful for the last 6 months, and my gaze is gently fixed on the next 6 months and having Emotive Images and myself blossom into everything I hope and dream of!

Much love xxx Louise