Pam Crane

Pam had been to Balance Central for personal balances previously however the last time she came in to see me it was obvious that she needed something a little different. Pam explained that she felt she couldn't make any decisions - in fact she described herself has permanently procrastinating about everything. She chose to do a Self Nourishment Program over a 2 week period because she knew she had some significant decisions to make and couldn't even begin to think about them. After 2 weeks she found she had made those significant decisions across her personal and business life was able to take strong action and is now excited about many new directions her life is taking.

Pam Wrote

Doing the Self Nourishment Program has allowed me to shift what has been stopping me from making choices in life and has given me freedom to make decisions that has moved my life forward in a positive fun way, crazy part is how quick and easy it was, within 2 weeks ... Exciting times ahead … thanks to Chris.

My life Rocks Now, THANKS to Chris from Balance Central.


Pam Crane - FIFO Love