Pieta McGilvray

I remember the first time Pieta contacted me – she was very curious to know exactly what I did and I loved that. Over the 2+ years I have worked with Pieta I have had the privilege of watching phenomenal changes within her and the world around her. Here is her story so far …

Pieta Wrote

I am delighted to finally, be writing a testimonial, about the Self Nourishment program. In late 2012, actually looking for something else online, I found Balance Central website. It intrigued me, I read and watched the testimonials, looked all around the site. Still, I had no idea what it was about ... RAW? I looked at Chris Wildeboer's profile photo, which gave me confidence to contact her. She replied promptly, saying, if I was prepared to go on this journey, she would support, and guide me. My first balance was some days later, and the effect was profound. That was the beginning ... very quickly, I began to realise my instincts were good.

Indeed, she has supported me, through, a tough and extreme quest, to claim my first birthright, nearing 61. Strangely, as it has been so extreme, it has also been, a true testing ground, to show how powerfully effectively, this program is.

I have been on, an intensive healing quest, over the last three years, compounded, and made more difficult by my own silence, over three decades. Nothing made sense, then I heard something at 28. At that point, I had been in hospital, seven years, consistently, and dramatically going backwards. That comment was so confronting, and confusing, I became silent.

Some background, I entered the hospital system, as a patient at 21, weeks away from finishing my Nurses training. My life then, became inextricably complicated. My legal rights are taken away, without discussion, so treatment could be dictated. Literally, nothing had been discussed, until I came off medication, three years ago. I had no voice, and no advocate. At the time, I realised the seriousness of this, although not understanding why. From that point, my physical diseases became extreme and chronic. Spending the remaining decades in hospitals, surviving one medical crisis, after another. Simply, there was no time to think or care, the pressure was simple in survival.

I went onto automatic pilot, survival mode only, with an enduring glimmer of a fantasy, that one day, I would be well. The year 2012, was the watershed year, as I was forced to take stock of my life. Coming off medication was the crucial and unknown step, in getting well, I had been brainwashed, drugged and isolated for decades, so did not understand to be obvious. I also had to understand, and feel, the rage, I felt, when told my original diagnosis was incorrect. Initially, and for some time, going into hospital, would try to talk about a status migraine lasting 27 days. No one listened. In time, It was extraordinary, and hugely confusing. Currently, I have been able to reverse almost all, the medical conditions created by this.

I know this, to be true. When the Universe aligns, to see a dream come true, the most amazing, and synchronistic things do happen. That year, I had to really understand a great deal, and learn to cope within a very different contemporary world, vastly different to the one, I left behind at 21.

It has been a tough and epic journey, in the last three years. Again, synchronicity took over, Chris Wildeboer offered her new program called Self Nourishment. It came into being, at the very moment, I needed it.

The powerful effectiveness, of the Self Nourishment program, has been pivotal, in my healing. Dealing with difficult realisations, as my silences were revealed to me, since then. In retrospect, my own silence, had been my best option. My need last May, of this program was dire. I had been ambushed, and went into active Complex Post Trauma. It has taken a team of wonderful people, to help me through this. At the forefront, and truly, the reason I am both alive and lucid, has been the constant Balances, and mini Balances weekly, provided by the Self Nourishment program, through Chris.

For me, this was not simply life changing, it was also life saving. In the intervening months, and almost a year later, I am learning more, to be able to stand on my own two feet, as I understand the situation to heal. Chris's wealth of experience, and consistent, sensitive approach, guiding me through these balances, to take in more, as I could. Not all these balances were 'gently, gently'. The magic of Self Nourishment, is it's constancy, provided me with the security of a routine, and the assurance, there was always, the possibility of growth, to heal. That possibility continues to be my healing reality.

Never having been fond of labels, but sometimes, they help to 'shorthand', concepts quickly. Once, my silences were revealed, I discovered, was the true diagnosis of Munchhausen by Proxy. Then, a year later I discovered the second silence, searing in it's pain. The truth of my bizarre, non existent treatment, was the early therapists, were Narcissists. Suddenly, it began to make sense, tough as it has been,

At the moment, I am smiling broadly, through the Self Nourishment program, with Chris's integrity and professionalism, I will leaving, to go to Bali next month, to claim my first birthright, at 61. Recently, unexpectedly, an incredible validation, came, in a letter, for my Travel Insurance. In it, was written, "she does not suffer any form of mental illness". This was from my psychiatrist, truly better late, than never!

I am still recovering, from the disorder of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and making significant progress, without medication. My doctors say I am 'making excellent progress', their words. The timing of Self Nourishment program made this, possible.

In March, I completed Level Three RAW, starting to truly understand, I could do more for myself, now. I believe within six months, I will not need this program. I am also confident, should I need something more, it is there. I plan, to continue and complete, the ten levels with RAW. The power and the purity of this program, cannot be underestimated, and has become an empowering and exciting quest, to become myself, to be...

Are there, sufficient superlatives, about this program and Chris's approach? Patiently, answering my concerns and questions, as they have come. This program, did not just save my life, it transformed and cleared the blocks, to allow my healing. Coming to terms with my past, while transitioning through enormous change to cope, becoming empowered, to know, I am close, to achieving a lifelong dream. So exciting personally, I now, have the best people on my team. A huge, heartfelt thank you, Chris! Simply wow...how do you say thank you, to someone, who has helped you to understand, balance, to heal? Words can often be, so very inadequate.

Pieta McGilvray