Renée Thompson

5 years into her business and Renee is being sort after by many other dance studios to teach for them and has been successful in expanding the student numbers of other studios however in her own business student numbers weren't able to increase beyond a certain number. She has been trying to expand her business but at every turn there was resistance to change. She wanted to attract and maintain the people who want to be part of where Do Dance is heading. She also needed to get organized and stop procrastinating about all the things that needed to be done.

Renée Wrote

I had been trying to get the beginning of year mail out together for weeks and just couldn't get it organized and I had no motivation or enthusiasm for the oncoming year and all the work that it would bring.

Immediately after the business balances two things happened:

I was able to sit down and put all of the beginning of year mail out information together in one go. I also received the 2 emails (I had been waiting and was worried wouldn't that they wouldn't arrive in time) that made sure all the handouts and advertising could be completed in time.
I also received my first enquiry for the new year and have a new student doing both ballet and tap. I never get enquiries from people eager to start this early in the year.

Since the balance it has me excited as to what this year will bring for the business and myself.

I love the power of RAW – it's only just starting. Thank you!

Renée Thompson - Do Dance Academy