Renée Thompson

As soon as I mentioned the idea of the Self Nourishment Program Renee jumped right in because she was going through some major struggles in her life and wanted to have some ongoing support. Renee choose 3 programs over a 6 month period and her feedback below was after just the first few weeks.

Renee Wrote

Nourishment program... Life altering!!! I've been down and out before we started all this. Felt like I was just barely just treading water and now I'm up beat and happy and feel like I'm back-stroking chilling and floating on water. I even catch myself smiling and I don't know why. Thank you! So so so glad we decided to do this!! Xoxo Thank you it seriously is making a huge difference I sooooo needed this as I am a person to put off having my balance until I'm long overdue. This program has helped me stay on top of everything before the world is on top of me.

Renée Thompson - DoDance Academy