Shereen Tawfig – Initiativez Training and Development

I connected with Shereen through a referral and it was clear she wanted to move through some personal issues, however I could hear she was questioning if my approach would even touch the sides.

Shereen Wrote

I have been on a “soul searching” journey for a couple of years now and when I met Chris, I had probably lost hope in finding peace within.

I still remember our first call, where I was being so difficult and openly questioning the effectiveness of her work. I was so touched by how gracious and patient she was with me - exactly what I needed. She did that a lot throughout the couple of months we worked together, somehow, she knew exactly what I needed.

The second call was the beginning of my amazement. I couldn’t believe how effective it was. I also did the 6-week Self Nourishment Program which I highly recommend.

I can’t explain what she does but I can surely testify to how good I felt after working with her.

If we want our world to shift, we need to shift from within and that is what Chris helped me to achieve. I’m eternally grateful.”