Shirley Farrell – HR Management Services

Shirley is a long term client and has always been able to catch emotional issues before they erupted into something hard to deal with. However a few months ago Shirley realised that patterns of circumstances were repeating in her life and she was not comfortable with how she was feeling in those circumstances. The Self Nourishment Program allowed Shirley to get greater insight into what was happening for her in a very precise way.

Shirley Wrote

Dear Chris,

When you first mentioned the Self Nourishment program I was naturally intrigued both as a regular Balance Central client and by the prospect of a concentrated focus from having a balance and then tidying up any loose ends.

I am very aware that with energy work, cleansing and consolidating an alignment is a way of making sure that we are really “tuned up.”

As you know, I approached 2014 by making sure that my health, fitness and focus were in true alignment; this year was going to be big! So when I was caught off guard by a challenge that I didn’t see coming, I was thrown for a six. Interestingly this was followed by several other similar and unexpected challenges.

By the time we started on the Self Nourishment, I felt like a bit of a train wreck. Derailed from my normal ability to quickly assess and respond to things that were happening around me.

The Self Nourishment was not only welcome it really set me back on my path of strength and confidence. Some very interesting “stuff” came up and once it was cleared I felt totally back on track – no more derailments and it also brought a greater conscious awareness of managing what I would describe as negative impact personalities.

I want to thank you for developing a program that I found to be a sensational method for self-nurturing and a self-empowering alignment of energies.

As always ... love your work!

Shirley Farrell - HR Management Services