Shirley Farrell – HR Management

Shirley is the owner of HR Management Services and at the beginning of 2011 she had recognized that her business was being blocked in certain areas and she felt the flow that she had been working hard to achieve was lacking. We completed 4 Balances for her Business and 12 months later the results have been amazing.

Shirley Wrote

I thought that you might like to know what has occurred this year since having a balance completed in January on my business and on me personally. Towards the end of last year my business started to pick up and I was feeling a little "chaotic" and "dysfunctional" from the degree of "busy-ness." So the opportunity to get some balance back was a very welcome one. What I did not expect to happen was what occurred since the balance and what a difference it has made to my confidence in what I do. You see when I look back on 2011, I think about all the "wins" and milestones that I have achieved but there is one that stands out and which has not happened to me before in 3 years as a Business Adviser in HR Management. Every new client that I have met this year has engaged my services. Every existing client has renewed their retention contract with my business. I don't know how many businesses can make a claim to 100% repeat business and 100% engagement from new business and I don't know exactly what I have done but I definitely intend to keep doing it! What a sensational year and many thanks to Balance Central for playing a role in the success of HR Management Services.

Shirley Farrell - HR Management Services