Tania Jones

Tania is the proud mum of a gorgeous 1 year old who she loves dearly. However she was feeling low and desperate about herself and her life. She had lost herself and she wanted to find some purpose to it all. We completed her Self Nourishment Program over 4 weeks and it was lovely to watch her come back into a place of balance.

Tania Wrote

I was in a very low place before I did the Self Nourishment Program. It came along at just the right moment, thank goodness for Divine Timing.

I am in such a different place now since doing the program, and in just 4 weeks I feel clearer about life, I have more perspective and it's easier for me to create more balance in my life now as mother of a small child. I am able to look ahead and plan with positivity. I feel happier in all ways.

I feel very fortunate to have done this exercise and I will definitely be doing it again. Thank you Chris for creating it and for supporting me with humour and understanding throughout the process, I cannot recommend this program more highly to whoever might be considering it.

Tania Jones