Trish – Author and Speaker

Trish Jenkins had built a multi-million dollar investment portfolio only to lose it all to fraud. In addition she was found in breach of the Corporations Act and was sentenced to 8 months in prison. Now Trish speaks on why smart people get caught in scams and how to avoid it happening to you!

Trish Wrote

I thought you would like to know that since our session I am still "free". I believe things have changed. I no longer fight that quiet yet pervasive, mild depression.

Then today I was going through my prison papers and realized my lip was not curling. Some time ago I observed, when I remembered certain things about prison that were unjust, especially the misuse of power by an authority, my upper lip would curl in disgust. I would feel angry and hurt all over again. I had planned to turn my prison letters into a book but I knew I couldn't do it until the poison was gone from my system. I realise I must be vigilant with my thoughts in order to stay free and "in grace." I don't want to write a bitter account, but I will be accurate as I fill in the parts I couldn't write about in letters.

The joy I once had has returned and still bubbles away under the surface. I have experienced being able to choose not to express anger or be a killjoy instead of feeling attached to it.
Today my lip didn't curl.

Trish Jenkins - Author and Speaker